Coming Soon: IPSC’s First-ever Remote Operating and Monitoring Center

Leading Owner and Operator of U.S. Power Plants Announces New Remote Operating Center Launching Q1 2021

ALISO VIEJO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–IHI Power Services Corp. (IPSC), a leading owner and operator of power plants across the U.S., announces the upcoming launch of its remote operating center (ROC). The ROC, headquartered and based in Aliso Viejo, Calif., expands IPSC’s operations and maintenance (O&M) service offerings to better support the renewable power generation sector including wind, PV solar, battery storage and more. Set for a Q1 2021 launch, the ROC will offer IPSC clients remote operation, monitoring and start/stop control of existing simple cycle gas turbine peaking projects to facilitate staffing optimization.

“Despite their marketing claims, most remote ‘operating’ centers currently only provide remote monitoring without actual operations capabilities,” said Steve Gross, president and chief executive officer at IPSC. “IPSC’s remote operating center will bring immense value to the market with its ability to implement both continuous remote monitoring AND remote operations – 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year.”

Fully staffed by qualified power professionals with extensive plant operations experience, IPSC’s ROC will meet and exceed NERC Medium Impact CIP security protocols to ensure the safety and protection of client assets. Its capabilities will also feature monitoring and diagnostic (M&D) services, incorporating advanced predictive analytics, data analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT. This will enable IPSC to perform predictive and proactive maintenance of client equipment to increase the efficiency and reliability of their projects.

“As a premier provider of third-party O&M services, we forecasted the contraction of thermal generation, with the shift to renewable energy, and foresaw the future need of remote operation centers,” said Gross. “Remote operating centers allow companies to make the shift into renewable energy, while still allowing them to meet business and ROI goals by minimizing generation, transmission and consumption costs.”

IPSC is a highly responsive, results-focused leader in the power generation industry — known for providing world-class services to each facility and project it manages. As an owner-operator, IPSC understands that minimizing operational risks and maximizing value, while maintaining regulatory and environmental compliance is key to the success and longevity of every facility.

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ABOUT IHI POWER SERVICES CORP: IHI Power Services Corp’s (IPSC) parent company IHI Corporation, based in Tokyo, Japan, is a heavy industrial manufacturing and services company. The company is active in a number of industries, including aerospace, ship building, power generation, automotive and transportation infrastructure. IPSC was specifically formed to provide operations, maintenance, management and power plant support services to the U.S. power generation industry. The IPSC team of energy professionals deliver value-added service based on expertise gleaned through years of hands-on experience in the power generation industry. As an owner and operator, IPSC understands that minimizing operational risks and maximizing asset value while maintaining a safe work environment that is environmentally compliant is key to the success of every facility. By instituting proven programs, industry best practices and upholding the company’s guiding principles of growth, respect, accountability, integrity and lack of limitation – IPSC provides world-class service to each of the more than 30 facilities and 12.7 gigawatts it manages. For more information, visit and follow IPSC on LinkedIn.


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