ClearSky Data Brings Data Layer Capabilities for High-Performance Storage-as-a-Service to the Kinetic Edge Alliance

Joins Kinetic Edge Alliance industry working group, founded by Vapor
IO, to accelerate edge computing, ensure data access everywhere

, provider of on-demand primary storage with built-in offsite
backup and disaster recovery (DR) as a service, today announced it has
joined the Kinetic
Edge™ Alliance
(KEA), an industry alliance of leading software,
hardware, networking and integration companies committed to driving the
broad adoption of compute, storage, access and interconnection at the
edge of the cellular network, simplifying edge computing for the masses.
Working alongside other member companies, including Packet and Hitachi
Vantara, ClearSky brings its unique data management services to the
Alliance, combining forces with other infrastructure, software and
hardware companies to develop and extend edge capabilities.

The Kinetic Edge Alliance was founded
by Vapor IO, the world’s fastest-growing colocation and interconnection
platform at the edge of the wireless network, for the purpose of rolling
out edge equipment and services across the top 30 major metropolitan US
markets, beginning with the first six markets in 2019. The Alliance
seeks to deploy, in lockstep, all of the key hardware and software
infrastructure components that can enable commercial-grade edge
computing at scale. ClearSky Data and Vapor IO are working together to
add ClearSky’s data layer capabilities to the Kinetic Edge, enabling
services such as high-performance storage on demand, backup and disaster
recovery for enterprises.

“By joining the Kinetic Edge Alliance, ClearSky brings its unique data
services to our edge environments, radically simplifying data management
at the edge,” said Matt Trifiro, CMO of Vapor IO. “By placing ClearSky’s
data services at the Kinetic Edge, end users can access a scaleable,
high-performance storage service that includes automated backup and
disaster recovery, accelerating the adoption of edge computing by
connecting all of the critical infrastructure services.”

With ClearSky, companies gain limitless data access from multiple
locations, complete with flash performance, comprehensive protection,
encryption and simplified data management.

“The edge requires a total paradigm shift in how enterprises design,
implement and offer IT services to support use cases like IoT,
enterprise storage, connected vehicles and smart cities,” said Ellen
Rubin, CEO of ClearSky Data. “Our collaboration with the Kinetic Edge
Alliance will help build this emerging edge ecosystem with the goal of
realizing mass adoption for a highly-distributed edge architecture.”

To learn more about the Kinetic Edge Alliance please visit

About ClearSky Data
ClearSky Data delivers on-demand primary
storage with offsite backup and disaster recovery (DR) as a single
service. Enterprises pay for their data once and gain access to it
anywhere it’s needed – on-premises or in the cloud. IT is empowered to
stop doing backup, replication and DR, and to access all data as if it
were local, with on-demand scaling and agility. ClearSky Data delivers
data where it’s needed, enterprise-ready and fully optimized to
eliminate the cost and data center footprint of traditional storage
solutions. For more information, follow ClearSky (@clearskydata) or


Jeff Miller

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