Circuit Scribe Distributes Almost 700 Kits to Over 2,500 Students in Partnership With SEMI Foundation

Circuit Scribe partners with SEMI Foundation on their “High Tech U in the Classroom” initiative

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Circuit Scribe today announced its continued partnership with SEMI Foundation’s High-Tech U. Circuit Scribe is the consumer product line of Electroninks Inc., the leader in particle-free conductive metal inks. Together, SEMI Foundation (SEMI) and Circuit Scribe, with the support of sponsors, have been able to provide Circuit Scribe kits to over 2,500 students.

Since the passing of the CHIPS Act in August 2022, semiconductor manufacturing has become a key focus in the United States. Supply chain disruptions occurring as a result of COVID-19, helped prove how crucial chip development and manufacturing is to our economy. Electroninks is collaborating with the SEMI Foundation to utilize Circuit Scribe kits in providing experiential, hands-on learning opportunities that help raise awareness of the microelectronics industry in K-12 classrooms.

Providing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education and workforce development activities are critical to developing the skills needed for taking on the highly-complex jobs in emerging industries. The founding team of Electroninks, Dr. Brett Walker and Dr. Melbs LeMieux, are passionate about providing products directly to educators, parents and children to further STEM learning.

“Circuit Scribe’s continued partnership with SEMI Foundation will bridge a gap for students by giving them a fun educational tool that opens a window of curiosity for STEM learning and electronics,” said Ana Diaz, director of admin and human resources at Electroninks. “Circuit Scribe Stickers are the next generation of our kits, which use the same concept that our modules have, but newly implemented in thin stickers that will allow for new innovative projects to be created.”

In the first pilot of High Tech U in the Classroom, teachers in 13 schools across the San Francisco Bay Area received over 600 STEM kits, which reached an estimated 1,400 students. On average, 76% of the schools’ students are socioeconomically disadvantaged, with 40% of the students classified as English learners. This targeted outreach will help engage and inspire students who grow up in Silicon Valley but might feel little connection to the industry that gave the area its name.

“As a former teacher and educator, it is clear to me that hands-on, tangible kits can have powerful impacts in student learning,” said Berton Mahardja, senior manager of global education initiatives at SEMI. “Circuit Scribe provides access to hands-on experiential learning that can teach students to be curious about the electronics that enable their modern world, as well as the crucial microelectronics industry they may not have heard about before.”

Circuit Scribe allows users to create their own circuits, by drawing them on paper, using its proprietary silver conductive ink pen. Each kit provides the tools needed to learn the basics of circuits and to create innovative projects such as devising unique uses for flashing lights. Circuit Scribe recently debuted Circuit Scribe Stickers which can power sticker components like motors, buzzers, switches and blinkers.

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About Circuit Scribe:

Circuit Scribe is a line of STEM education kits that provides an innovative way of teaching how electricity and electronics work. Each kit provides the tools needed to learn the basics of circuits. Using our proprietary silver conductive ink pen, draw connections between electronic modules. Switch on the power and watch as your creations activate lights, buzzers, motors, and more. Our newest product, Circuit Scribe stickers, allows you to learn all of the same principles but in a new and innovative way. To learn more visit

About Electroninks:

Electroninks, Inc. provides high-performance, advanced materials that enable technology and manufacturing breakthroughs with our innovative customers to turn promising ideas into profitable new products. The company’s portfolio of products based on its proprietary particle-free conductive metal inks provides cost-effective, highly-stable and reliable solutions for applications in semiconductor packaging, consumer electronics, and medical devices. The company is the first to provide particle-free conductive inks in silver, gold, platinum, nickel and copper. Electroninks’ novel formulations are ideal for the design and manufacturing of today’s smaller, lighter, more highly functional electronic products as well as agile manufacturing and rapid maintenance needs. To learn more please visit

About SEMI Foundation:

The SEMI Foundation is a non-profit, public benefit arm of SEMI, the broadest tech-focused, not-for-profit, global industry association in the world. The SEMI Foundation supports workforce development in the microelectronics industry. The organization’s aim is to dramatically expand the pipeline of talented workers ready to fill the significant workforce needs in the microelectronics industry underlying the modern world. The SEMI Foundation looks to leverage this critical need for new workers as an opportunity to diversify the talent pool, benefitting workers, communities, as well as the companies who hire them.


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