Cepton Launches New High-Speed SORA-P60 Lidar For Vehicle Scanning

New sensor provides industry-leading 1,200 scan lines per second for
high-velocity vehicle scanning and classification

Technologies, Inc.
, a provider of 3D lidar solutions for transport,
automotive, industrial, security and mapping applications, today
unveiled the newest product in its SORA family of line scanning lidar
sensors. The SORA-P60 is designed to provide accurate 3D scans and to
enable automated classification of objects and volumetric scanning.

Cepton’s unique Micro-Motion Technology (MMT™) lidar provides an
industry leading 1,200 scan lines per second, opening up the
possibilities of scanning fast moving objects. In combination with
Cepton’s edge-compute hardware, the SORA-Edge™, it becomes a powerful,
mobile object classification and volumetric measurement device which can
send its data over Ethernet, Wi-Fi or LTE to a central processing server.

“Cepton’s SORA-P60’s three scan lines, each scanning at 400Hz, enables
accurate scanning for advanced classification of objects traveling at
highway speeds,” said Jerone Floor, Cepton’s Head of Product. “To put it
in perspective, 400Hz translates to a scan line every five centimeters
for an object traveling at 50 miles per hour. This means you can measure
the size of a tow hitch and trailer on a vehicle traveling on a highway
in real time.”

The SORA-P60 sensor is free of any rotational or frictional components,
making the sensor impervious to mechanical wear and tear. In addition,
the new SORA-P60 features rugged housing designed to withstand harsh
environments, cold climates and salt spray.

“This new and unique technology has the potential to revolutionize the
automated road tolling industry. Deploying Cepton’s high-speed scanning
lidar as the prime sensor can reduce the cost of system installation by
using fewer ground loops,” said Neil Huntingdon, Cepton’s Vice President
of Business Development. “The SORA-P60 can complement automatic
number-plate recognition (ANPR) systems by pinpointing the location of a
vehicle license plate, reducing the computing power required by
traditional computer vision ANPR systems.”

The SORA-P60 sensor is currently being tested at a highway tolling
facility in the United States. For more information about SORA-P60,
please visit: https://www.cepton.com/SORA-P60.

Cepton will be exhibiting at ITS America at the Walter E. Washington
Convention Center in Washington D.C. from June 4-7 in booth No. 452.

About Cepton Technologies, Inc.

Cepton Technologies, Inc. is a 3D sensing solutions provider shipping
next-generation lidar products for the transport, automotive, industrial
security markets. Founded in 2016 and led by lidar and advanced imaging
industry veterans, Cepton has a leadership team that recognizes how the
Transport Industry and Internet of Things (IoT) markets are converging.
Cepton lidar technology delivers unrivaled detection range and
resolution at low cost, to enable perception for the fast-growing
transport markets.

For more information, visit https://www.cepton.com/.


Grace Guo
Cepton Technologies, Inc.
[email protected]

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