Cantaloupe, Inc. Showcases Cantaloupe Go Smart Store Technology at NACS Show

AI Technology and Computer Vision are Just Two New Features in Cantaloupe’s Smart Café Offerings

MALVERN, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$CTLP #cantaloupeincCantaloupe, Inc. (NASDAQ: CTLP), a digital payments and software services company that provides end-to-end technology solutions for self-service commerce, is excited to exhibit its new smart store technology using AI and computer vision at this year’s NACS Show 2023 in Atlanta, held October 3-6 at the Georgia World Congress Center. These smart store solutions demonstrate Cantaloupe’s commitment to using technology to create a seamless product delivery and payment system for today’s grab-and-go and tap-to-pay society. Cantaloupe’s new technology will be shown in its NACS booth BC5603 in exhibit hall B & BC in the Technology sector and with partner Imbera Cooling in booth C6919.

“We are really excited to showcase Cantaloupe’s Cooler Café kit, payment terminal and Smart Lock technology at the NACS Show,” said Brent Parkinson, commercial director at Imbera Cooling. “Cantaloupe’s technology is the next step in moving the self-service economy forward by providing safe, secure and convenient options for all store owners.”

“Our technology elevates the c-store experience for businesses and consumers alike by enabling consumers to quickly and easily grab and go with their purchases,” noted Elyssa Steiner, CMO of Cantaloupe, Inc. “Our innovative solutions, such as the Cooler Café and the Smart Café allow consumers to simply make a payment, unlock the cooler, grab their item(s) and walk away! This advanced technology provides greater security for the store owner and a faster buying experience for the consumer.”

At NACS Show 2023, Cantaloupe will be featuring the following products:

  • The Cooler Café, uses a payment terminal to link up to three connected coolers for buying food and beverage products. Using Smart Lock technology, The Cooler Café remains locked until payment is processed, and consumers simply grab and go; store owners can also easily monitor cooler temperature in real time. The Cooler Café kit, payment terminal and Smart Lock technology will be integrated into Cantaloupe’s partner Imbera’s coolers at booth C6919.
  • The Smart Café, one of Cantaloupe’s newest products, is expected to be made commercially available in early 2024. The Smart Café uses computer vision and AI technology to charge the consumer for products they select out of the cooler. Consumers simply present their payment, grab the item, and walk away. Business owners also reap the benefits of having locked coolers for added security on high-ticket items such as razor blades, cosmetics, OTC medicines, and more. Consumers love the convenience of paying for their purchases right away at the Smart Café cooler versus queuing to check-out. The Smart Café will be showcased in Cantaloupe’s booth BC5603.
  • The Go MiniX Self-Checkout Kiosk is a compact, cashless kiosk that provides consumers with a quick and easy way to self-pay. The kiosk includes a 15” touchscreen, built-in camera, barcode scanner, credit card reader, and accessibility features for the visually impaired. The kiosk is at the center of what the future of c-store experiences can look like as consumers opt for self-checkout in their everyday buying experiences. The Go MiniX kiosk will be featured in Cantaloupe’s booth BC5603.
  • Cantaloupe Merchandising Coolers, offered both with and without Smart Lock technology, are an important staple for c-store owners. With a variety of cooler sizes ranging from single door to double door, Cantaloupe provides reliable, easy-to-set-up cooler solutions. These will also be exhibited in Cantaloupe’s booth BC5603.

To learn more about Cantaloupe’s new smart store technology and specific product offerings, visit or visit Cantaloupe’s booth BC5603 in exhibit hall B & BC in the Technology sector at the NACS Show 2023, October 3-6, 2023.

About Cantaloupe, Inc.

Cantaloupe, Inc. is a global technology leader powering self-service commerce. With over a million active locations across the globe processing more than a billion transactions every year, Cantaloupe is enabling businesses of all sizes to provide self-service experiences for consumers. The company’s vertically integrated solutions fuel growth by offering micro-payments processing, enterprise cloud software, IoT technology, as well as kiosk and POS innovations. Cantaloupe’s end-to-end platform increases consumer engagement and sales revenue through digital payments, consumer promotions and loyalty programs, while providing business owners increased profitability by leveraging software to drive efficiencies across an entire operation. Cantaloupe’s solutions are used by a wide variety of consumer services in the U.S., Europe, and Australia including vending machines, micro markets and smart retail, EV charging stations, laundromats, metered parking terminals, amusement and entertainment venues, IoT services and more. To learn more about Cantaloupe, Inc., visit or follow the company on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

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