C-Sweet Webinar: “How We Can Make Difference” Part Three in a Series on Why Diversity Matters

Oct 1st Event Features Business Experts Discussing Solutions to Change Race Relations in Business

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–C-Sweet®, a rapidly growing organization with a mission to foster and renew executive level relationships for women across sectors in business and industry in partnership with the Wall Street Technology Association (WSTA®), today announced a new Webinar – “How We Can Make a Difference” – set for Thursday, October 1, at 11:30 AM PDT.

With highly-charged racial events happening this summer and COVID-19 “work from home” guidelines, face-to-face meaningful conversations with management and staff on resolving issues of race and philanthropy are more difficult than ever. How can we, as individuals and corporations of all sizes, make a difference when the issues feel so large? This event explores possible solutions.

C-Sweet has assembled two non-profits, Thrive Scholars (formerly SCS Noonan Scholars) and Zonta International, as well as a representative from the Zenith Insurance company, for a panel discussion discussing their work and how corporations and individuals can make a difference.

“With all the issues polarizing the country, we wondered how we as individuals, or as companies, can make a difference,” said Dianne Gubin, President of Amplify Professional Services Inc, an executive search and IT consulting firm, and Co-CEO of C-Sweet. “We invited Thrive and Zonta, two non-profits focused on solutions, to discuss the scope of their work and how to get companies and individuals involved.”

“We found that many well-known corporations are teaming with non-profits to help make the world a better place,” said Beth Hilbing, Sr. Program Manager and Principal IT Business Partner at Boeing, as well as Co-CEO of C-Sweet. “We want to explore this type of partnership and, by doing so, hopefully show others how to do this right if they’re not sure of what direction to take.”

This program is the third in a three part series C-Sweet produced in response to the national outcry over racial injustice. The first program discussed Racial Relations in the Workplace, the second explored Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) in business, and this session examines how we as individuals and companies can make a difference.

C-Sweet corporate sponsors for this program include Key Information Systems (a Converge Company), Interpublic Group (IPG) and Google.

Panelists include:

Martha Sanchez, Executive Director, Thrive Scholars

Christi Matthews, Regional Director, Zonta International

Eden Feder, EVP Human Resources, Zenith Insurance Company

Lois Ungar, Chief Financial Officer, SBL Ventures

Registration and Featured Non-Profits

To register for this free online event, to go https://www.csweet.org/Events and sign up.

Thrive Scholars helps high-achieving under-represented students graduate from top colleges and achieve career potential. https://www.thrivescholars.org/

Zonta International stands for women’s rights. Zonta is an advocate for equality, education and an end to child marriage and gender-based violence. www.Zonta.org

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