Byos Introduces Endpoint Micro-Segmentation Solution to Extend Zero Trust Access to Any Remote Wi-Fi Connection

First Solution to Protect Users and Organizations from the Risk of Unmanaged and Unprotected Home and Public Wi-Fi Networks

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today Byos, Inc. introduced the Byos™ μGateway™ (“micro-gateway”), the first plug-and-play security product that protects endpoints from threats on local Wi-Fi networks through endpoint micro-segmentation.

Organizations are now more than ever dependent on employees connecting from uncontrolled home and public networks to do their jobs. Unfortunately, these networks are “dirty” and risky to connect to. VPNs only protect data in transit between users and corporate networks; they do nothing to prevent the spread of malware or the other risks associated with connecting to these networks. In fact, Byos has identified the “Dirty Half Dozen” attacks that must be protected from, including:

  • Scanning, Enumerating, and Fingerprinting
  • Eavesdropping
  • Remote Access Exploits
  • Evil-Twin Wi-Fi
  • Lateral Network Infections
  • DNS hijacking

The patent-pending Byos μGateway is a hardened, embedded security stack on a small USB device that solves this problem by isolating each endpoint onto its own unique network micro-segment of one, protecting it from compromised networks and other compromised endpoints on the network. Byos allows employees, contractors and devices to safely and securely connect to any network, regardless of their location or network environment.

Easily Deploy, Manage, and Secure Every Remote Network Connection

Combined with the µGateway, the Byos Endpoint Micro-Segmentation Solution has a centralized Management Console giving IT and security teams a simpler, more efficient approach to security policy definition, enforcement, and management.

The Byos Management Console allows IT teams to deploy and centrally manage Byos μGateways at scale and provides full visibility and control over all remote μGateways. At the same time, it supports granular network access control for users and devices, both privileged and non-privileged.

Byos lets organizations better protect and manage every remote network connection. It gives IT, compliance, and security teams new confidence to support remote users’ access to sensitive content and corporate resources, regardless of the network they are connected to.

“Compounded by the COVID pandemic, IT and security teams must adapt to the new reality of employees connecting to uncontrolled and untrusted Wi-Fi networks on a regular basis. It’s a business imperative that they can work from anywhere, with assurances that their connection is secure” says Byos CEO and Founder Matias Katz. “Threat actors are well-aware of the attack openings on these networks that legacy remote access solution like VPNs were not designed to protect against. The problem is compounded by the challenge of managing and enforcing remote users to comply with corporate security polices – there’s currently no easy way to monitor their connection or provision new policies remotely” Katz concluded.

“Even prior to the COVID crisis, managing mobile workforce security has always been a headache for security professionals. When I met Matias and team, I saw an incredibly clever, creative vision for how to solve that problem. Now more than ever, I believe Byos has the most elegant, rapidly deployable solution for any organization looking to quickly and easily secure their remote workforce,” said Sathvik Krishnamurthy, Founder and Managing Partner of Security Leadership Capital – seed-stage venture capital firm based out of Silicon Valley, and lead investor in Byos.

Industry Experts Agree

“Byos is taking a simple and innovative hardware-based approach to protect imperfect devices (e.g. computers) when they communicate over untrusted networks,” said Paul Kocher, renowned security researcher and co-creator of the SSL/TLS protocols.

“Insecure Wi-Fi networks expose devices to a range of threats, but the Byos’ micro-segmentation solution allows endpoints to be isolated from the risks, while giving Security teams visibility and control, all with a small plug-and-play USB device,” said Ed Amoroso, Chief Executive Officer, TAG Cyber LLC.

“The Byos architecture appears to make it easily adaptable to different types of endpoints and make deployment and usage straightforward for both IT security teams and end users,” said Paula Musich, Research Director at Enterprise Management Associates

“Byos helps users to connect Wi-Fi AP without exposing their device to the risks – it’s a huge benefit,” said Tom Komuro, Senior Manager, Business Development at NTT Ltd.

“Agent-based endpoint protection only goes so far, Byos provides seamless hardware separation needed to create that extra layer of protection. Indeed, Zero Trust has an asset-based sibling … it is Byos.” – John Checco, President Emeritus at NY Metro InfraGard

Pricing and Availability

Byos has a three-tier product offering and can be found at

Additionally, Byos has an introductory offer of a Business Starter 5-Pack, which includes five µGateway Devices and cloud-based Management Console access for $1795 USD. Visit to learn more.

About Byos Inc.

Byos is the endpoint micro-segmentation company dedicated to helping organizations protect themselves from the risk of ubiquitous remote, guest and IoT network connectivity. Byos allows employees, contractors and devices to safely and securely connect to any network, regardless of their location or network environment.

The patent-pending Byos μGateway, implemented as a portable “security stack on a USB stick” or as embedded circuitry directly in a device, automatically creates a “micro-segment of 1” delivering hardware enforced protection of the device from the inherent risks on dirty networks while allowing secure zero-trust based access to corporate resources. The Byos Management Console provides centralized policy management and reporting across enterprise wide deployments of μGateways.

Byos is backed by leading Silicon Valley investors and advisors, is headquartered in Halifax Canada, and sources and manufactures all components in North America. With Byos, work from home, traveling and remote workforces are Safe to Connect, and Free to Work. (To learn more and get started securing your remote Wi-Fi connections visit:

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