BOSAGORA Joins the Open Climate Collabathon Project

NEW HAVEN, Conn. & SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#BOSAGORABOSAGORA Foundation (President: Kim In-hwan) announced that it is supporting the ‘Open Climate Collabathon’, a project initially incubated at the Yale Open Innovation Lab.

Under its vision of ‘Make a better world’, BOSAGORA, a public blockchain platform, is conducting a variety of social contribution activities, such as delivering ‘care packages’ to healthcare professionals who are exhausted due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic. The outstanding social contribution was recognized by the UN Solidarity Award 2020 in July this year for the first time as an organization in Korea.

The Open Climate Collabathon is a global grassroots network and event series mobilizing the technology and climate community to collaborate on digital public goods to develop an integrated Climate Accounting System. It is a non-profit initiative hosted by the Open Collective Foundation, organized by a collective of organizations and governed by principles of “do-ocracy”.

The Open Climate Collabathon introduces a collaborative ethos to the concept of hackathons and brings collaborators across the world to explore how to best adopt emerging technologies such as distributed ledger technology (DLT), Internet of Things (IoT), and big data, in order to trace carbon in supply chains and certify climate actions.

A key focus is protecting the privacy and enhancing transparency for individual data by developing the ‘Global Climate Accounting System’ and enabling assurance of accountability by designing contractual automations in financial mechanism and accounting mechanism, such as prevention of double counting in the digital certification and trading of climate actions and rewards and fines.

BOSAGORA recently joined the Collabathon as a global ambassador focusing on the publicity of the ‘Open Climate Collabathon’ and by exploring how to best leverage its blockchain technology and network for climate services under the “Open Climate” initiative going forward.

“We are excited to move a step closer to realizing a better world being pursued by BOSAGORA through this support of the Open Climate Collabathon,” said Kim In-hwan, President of BOSAGORA Foundation. “We will remain to seek ways of utilizing BOSAGORA’s unique blockchain technology and infrastructures in diverse areas.”


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