Blueshift Materials’ AeroZero® Targets the Surging High-Frequency High-Speed Materials Market

SPENCER, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#aerogelBlueshift Materials is expanding its AeroZero polyimide aerogel film product availability in the high-frequency and high-speed communications infrastructure market. Due to AeroZero’s ultra-low dielectric loss, which has been measured in a range as low as (Df) of 0.0007 – 0.0030 (1 – 50 GHz) and an ultra-low dielectric constant (Dk) of < 1.40 (1 – 50 GHz), there is increasing interest in this polyimide aerogel for next generation 5G and IoT products in addition to antennas and radomes. The ever-growing need for more data and connectivity is requiring new unique materials to design ever more complex communication systems.

“AeroZero was designed in anticipation of these high-bandwidth market trends, including 5G and IoT,” says Tim Burbey, President, Blueshift. “We often describe AeroZero as structured air. It has some similarities to traditional expanded foam, but AeroZero’s pores are significantly smaller. This provides excellent strength and flexibility in a very low thickness profile of 125 microns, while retaining 85% air and enabling high-bandwidth applications.”

Blueshift’s AeroZero combines the benefits of an aerogel with the ease of use of a plastic film. AeroZero retains most of the key properties of polyimide film, such as a wide thermal stability window (-200 °C to +300 °C), fire retardancy, good chemical resistance, and ease of use in multilayer laminates. Polyimides are widely accepted in aerospace and electronics applications. The aerogel benefits, since the material is 85% air, include low density, high porosity, low thermal conductivity, a low dielectric constant and a low loss tangent.

Despite being primarily air, AeroZero has remarkable mechanical strength, which enables its use in laminate and composite structures. “We have had success using AeroZero as a key functional layer in copper clad laminates, thermal management tapes, multi-layer polyimide film constructions, and aramid paper stack ups, amongst others,” says Lawino Kagumba, Sr. Director Applications and Research, Blueshift. AeroZero easily bonds to metals, papers, fabrics, plastics and other surfaces with a variety of adhesives. In addition, we have had success vapor depositing a variety of metals to AeroZero. Blueshift provides custom prototype multilayer and multifunctional laminates upon request. Blueshift sees tremendous opportunities for AeroZero in the high speed, high frequency materials market.

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