Aviz Launches Cutting-Edge Experience Center in Collaboration with Community and Seven Networking Vendors to Lower the Barrier to Entry for SONiC

Next generation networking has taken a giant leap forward for the entire ecosystem. For the first time, the majority of switch vendors have come together in one lab to demonstrate the importance and benefits of SONiC with 35+ SONiC Ready SKUs. Aviz calls it the Open Networking Experience (ONE) Center for SONiC.

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AIOpsAviz Networks, a leading provider of solutions for Open, Cloud, and AI first networks, announced today that it has successfully created the Open Networking Experience Center for SONiC (ONE Center) in collaboration with the Linux Foundation (LF), The Open Compute Project (OCP), Celestica, Cisco, Edgecore, NVIDIA, Ragile, Supermicro, Wistron, and Keysight. This collaboration brings industry-leading organizations together to further accelerate the adoption of SONiC (Software for Open Networking in the Cloud, an open source Networking Operating System hosted by the Linux Foundation) and provides an unparalleled experience to organizations testing and evaluating SONiC for their next-generation network architectures, at no cost.

The ONE Center for SONiC is a state-of-the-art lab, with online and in-person access for network operators, designed to showcase the capabilities of SONiC across a wide range of hardware. It provides users hands-on experience leveraging SONiC in real-world scenarios. Organizations can now experience SONiC running on multiple platform and ASIC combinations, without any upfront cost. ONE Center delivers the means to evaluate SONiC by eliminating the need to purchase switches, thereby lowering the entry barrier. The ONE Center for SONiC enables easy exploration of SONiC’s uses and benefits so customers can narrow down the best options for their specific needs.

The ONE Center will also serve as an official OCP Experience Center, which is designed to help OCP Solution Providers expedite the adoption of OCP-recognized hardware. Furthermore, the ONE Center will function as a hub for SONiC community development; examples include hackathons, solutions testing in real world environments, global university access for educational purposes, and more.

“The ONE Center is a perfect resource for organizations looking to refresh or upgrade their infrastructure and are considering SONiC for their next generation network fabric,” said Vishal Shukla, CEO, Aviz Networks. “We have worked tirelessly to eliminate the burden of sourcing hardware during the evaluation phases of the network transformation journey with SONiC. And now we are inviting organizations of all sizes to see for themselves the benefits of SONiC based open networking and explore what fits their needs, without significant effort and upfront costs.”

“SONiC is at the forefront of the open-source networking movement and the ONE Center for SONiC is a testament to the strength and collaborative spirit of this community. We are excited to see many companies contributing to this lab to provide people with the tools and resources they need to experience the benefits of SONiC and open-source networking. We look forward to ONE Center for SONiC being instrumental in shaping the future of networking,” said David Maltz, Chair, SONiC Foundation.

“At OCP, we are dedicated to driving innovation through open source collaboration to seed and meet industry needs. Aviz Network’s ONE Center for SONiC brings together six major network vendors, who are committed to the open networking movement and tight collaboration at a wide scale. This is further proof of the tremendous open network momentum happening that signals to all suppliers where the industry as a whole is headed. Moreover, it is a testament to OCP’s commitment, as we, collectively, showcase open hardware solutions in this collaborative effort. We are very happy to have Aviz as a member of OCP and to collaborate with them and their industry partners, leveraging OCP’s alliance with the Linux Foundation, to show the world what open source hardware can do with SONiC,” said George Tchaparian, CEO for the Open Compute Project Foundation.

“At the Linux Foundation, we are committed to creating and sustaining collaborative communities that foster open source innovation. The ONE Center enables the SONiC community to have a collaborative sandbox to push development to new heights,” said Arpit Joshipura, General Manager, Networking, Edge, and IoT, Linux Foundation. “We are pleased to have Aviz as a member, contributor, and moderator of the SONiC community and look forward to seeing the ONE Center for SONiC help enable further innovation and adoption.”

“Celestica continues to deliver a range of innovative networking platforms supporting Open Networking and the SONiC community,” said Gavin Cato, Head and CTO, Hardware Platform Solutions, Celestica.“ We’re excited to participate with Aviz in the ONE Center and look forward to showcasing our solutions and bringing our expertise to this collaborative interoperability effort.”

“Cisco is committed to providing industry-leading open networking solutions to meet our customers flexibly where they need us. Combining Cisco Silicon One with Open-Source Community SONiC can advance the industry to new levels. Working together with Aviz on the ONE Center, we are combining our expertise and strengths in networking to share best practices with the industry and drive open-source initiatives.” – Aravind Srikumar, Sr. Director Product Management — Cisco Networking, SONiC & Open NOS.

“Edgecore Networks is thrilled to collaborate with Aviz in the development and testing of our advanced open networking switches in the ONE Center for SONiC,” said Larry Ho, Chairman and Vice President of Software Engineering at Edgecore. “Our partnership has been instrumental in ensuring that our solution meets the highest quality standards and delivers superior performance. We are pleased to collaborate with industry partners and showcase our solutions through the power of SONiC in the sandbox as our commitment to our open-source initiative and providing enterprise customers with the best-in-class networking solutions.”

“NVIDIA’s participation with Aviz in ONE Center is a natural extension of our vision to use AI and accelerated computing to push the boundaries of what’s possible,” said Amit Katz, Vice President of Ethernet Switch, NVIDIA. “We’re bringing our expertise in cutting-edge technology to the world of open networking, and customers can experience SONiC in this sandbox to drive innovation in the industry.”

“At Ragile Networks, we believe in the power of collaboration and innovation to improve open networking for all. That is why collaborating with Aviz in the ONE Center is a priority and we are bringing our expertise in software & hardware to this open-source initiative. We are eager to showcase Ragile Networks capabilities and drive the development of next-generation networking solutions with SONiC,” said Patrick Tian, EVP Sales, Ragile.

“As an ODM, we at Wistron value our partnership with Aviz and the successful SONiC deployments we have achieved together for our joint enterprise customers. Our participation in the Open Networking Experience Center for SONiC reinforces our commitment to providing our customers with innovative and reliable networking solutions.”

“As a contributor and test solution provider to the SONiC Community and long-time partner with Aviz Networks, Keysight is excited to be part of ONE Center,” said Dean Lee, Senior Director of Cloud Solution Team at Keysight Technologies. “With Keysight’s Open Traffic Generator test platform, ONE Center is well equipped with the most effective and flexible test infrastructure to accelerate the journey to onboard SONiC.”

Sign up to try SONiC solutions in the ONE Center here: https://www.aviznetworks.com/one-center

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