Afero Announces Support for the “U.S. Cyber Trust Mark,” the White House’s Cybersecurity Labeling Program for Internet-of-Things (IoT) Devices

LOS ALTOS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Afero, the leading IoT Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider, today announced its support for the “U.S. Cyber Trust Mark,” the newly announced White House cybersecurity labeling program for Internet-of-Things (IoT) Devices.

The White House cybersecurity labeling program for IoT devices, which is designed to drive improved security standards for IoT and includes a globally recognized label, is aligned to Afero’s vision and mission to improve cybersecurity and privacy for IoT. Afero offers enterprise-grade end-to-end security for all IoT devices, all the way down to constrained devices such as light bulbs. This technology extends through the supply chain, and is backed by hardware root of trust and mutually authenticated VPN-like tunneling.

“From day one, we have made security our highest priority. We built an unprecedented level of security and privacy into our IoT solutions. Early on, we recognized how vitally important this would be as American consumers bring connected devices into their homes. We applaud the White House for prioritizing cybersecurity in IoT and holding all players to new standards and incentivizing manufacturers to meet higher cybersecurity standards,” said Joe Britt, CEO and Co-Founder of Afero.

“Relative to the gravity of the threats, the prioritization of security and privacy in IoT devices has been disturbingly lax in too many instances for far too long,” said Bret Jordan, Chief Security Strategist at Afero. “American consumers are bringing these devices into their homes at an astonishing rate without any realization of the risks that some of them pose. This means that the industry needs to do a lot more to improve security and privacy. We can not and must not rely on individuals to figure out how to make their IoT devices secure and private. I am optimistic that the rollout of this program will enforce higher levels of cybersecurity for IoT devices and ultimately improve the way everyone in the industry approaches IoT security and privacy.”

Afero delivers state of the art enterprise-grade end-to-end security for IoT. This security is woven through every aspect of our solution, it is a component that can not be disabled or turned off. This solution includes:

  • Secure Foundation: If it’s a connected device, it’s also a potential target for threat actors. This is why we have deployed our uncompromising security through the entire stack, including the supply chain.
  • Trusted Devices: Each device is uniquely protected and secured with enterprise grade best practices from the factory. This end-to-end mutually authenticated solution extends from device, to cloud, to app.
  • Secure the Data: All data flowing through the Afero system is secured end-to-end and encrypted at multiple levels. This means it does not simply rely on the security of the transport protocol. This enables the Afero solution to be technology and protocol agnostic.
  • End-to-End Encryption: Afero takes privacy and security very seriously and has designed a solution that guarantees device security from supply chain to customer, device to cloud, and cloud to mobile app.
  • Secure and Simple Onboarding: Customers want it all to be easy and fast, but not at the expense of security. The Afero solution uses industry leading patented technology to provide simple, fast, and secure onboarding.

Afero’s vision came from realizing that the next wave of Internet connected products could not be done using the same approaches as securing traditional computing devices. Afero’s White Paper, “Born Secure how a secure connected device + cloud platform requires hardened security at every layer of the IoT ecosystem” can be found here.

About Afero

Afero is the leading secure IoT Platform as a Service. Afero technology incorporates simplicity, ease of use, security, and data privacy into the entire solution, from manufacturing to product to cloud to end user. The Afero platform uniquely secures your entire supply chain while providing your customers with end-to-end encryption, fast onboarding, and direct to device failover. With Afero, products get to market 3x faster, have 10x higher attach rates, and have 99% fewer customer escalations. Afero’s user-friendly, fast, and secure IoT platform unlocks smart and connected capabilities for any product, vertical, sector, or industry, whether large or small, fixed or mobile. Our world-class team is composed of mobile, hardware, security, and cloud veterans from Google, Apple, Nest, Symantec, Danger, Microsoft, Amazon, Twitter, Netflix, Roku and other leading platform companies.


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