5 Simple Ways to Reach Your Customers

Building a business starts with creating a great product or providing a useful service. Once you’ve found your niche though, you need to find your customers. Even the best idea for a business won’t attract an audience all on its own. You don’t even have to leave your home anymore to create and execute a thorough plan for engaging with your customers and taking your business to the next level.

By doing things like gathering email addresses to develop a contact list, turn your customers into marketers by using their real-world experiences, and managing both online advertising and outdoor advertising, you can manage an effective engagement effort from the comfort of your home. There are five essential ways to improve your customer contact initiatives.

Create an email list.

Email marketing is a proven, reliable method for engaging with your customers. Experts say email provides a great return on investment, but you need to generate an email list first by obtaining contact information. If you ever find yourself contacted by an unknown sender, an email lookup site like GoLookUp can help provide more information. Reverse email searches are becoming more and more common as a way to identify a contact, so you can figure out more about an email address is trying to reach you. You can also search for public records. Unlike a phone number or personal data, customers are usually comfortable providing an email address for businesses to send promotional information. You can create a form for customers to provide contact information and post it on your social networks.

Publish a blog.

Running a blog might seem time-consuming but providing easy to access information about what you do can actually save time in the aggregate. You can reference these posts when your customers email you with frequently asked questions. You can also crowdsource content by asking customers to reflect on their real-world experience with your products and services and provide a byline with their first name and last name. Customers can often be the best marketers.

Have customers write reviews.

Make sure your business is represented on websites like Yelp, Angie’s List, or any other applicable website. Use your digital platforms on various social networks to ask your customers to share their experiences. It’s easy and they can do it in just a few minutes with just a mobile device and an email address. When a searcher is looking for a potential business to use, you want yours to stand out.

Use smart advertising.

There are a lot of ways to advertise across digital platforms now, but consider expanding your efforts to include outdoor media as well. Websites like AdQuick make purchasing out of home ads simple for any entrepreneur in the United States. Out of home ad aren’t discussed as often as web advertising but static billboards or digital billboards in highly trafficked public places are a great way to generate interest. Out of home advertising seems complicated and inaccessible but you can actually easily find outfront media opportunities online. Billboards are a classic choice that still makes sense in a digital world. Partnering real-world ads with a targeted approach across digital platforms is the best way to make sure you’re reaching the widest audience possible.

Write a survey.

Understanding what your customers want is essential for any successful business. What better way to find out what they want than asking them? You can use the email addresses from your list or share a link on your digital platforms to make customers aware of your survey. You can use this data to better inform your marketing plan before planning your digital advertising and out of home advertising.

Reaching your customers in a variety of ways is easier than ever. It’s simple to use outfront media accessible online and a myriad of ways to use email addresses and other easily collected personal data to target outreach and expand your customer base. Your customers can become your best marketers by sharing their experiences with your products and services via a blog. Email users can get regular updates on your business and access to promotions through the use of email newsletters and marketing.

Finally, get direct feedback from your customers and potential customers through surveys and questionnaires on digital platforms and social networks. The simplest way to find out what people want is to hear from them directly. By using the resources available to you in a savvy and thorough way, your business will thrive online and off.

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