2J Antennas Announces Settlement with Taoglas

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As of January 31, 2020, 2J Antennas is pleased to announce a settlement between Taoglas Group Holdings, Ltd. / Taoglas USA, Inc. and 2J Antennas USA, Corp. / 2J Antennas, S.R.O. / Javier Ruben Flores Cuadras. Taoglas filed a complaint with the United States District Court of San Diego on June 2018 for alleged violations of trade secret misappropriation, breach of contract, intentional interference with contract and patent infringement against 2J Antennas et al. The settlement details are confidential; however, the matter was resolved beneficially for both parties.

2J Antennas CEO Janette Jarvie states, “To further protect 2J Antennas’ own developments, we have filed numerous patents with USPO for leading-edge antenna technologies allowing us to safely operate within our target markets and defend our own rights.” In response to the settlement, Janette Jarvie adds, “We are pleased with the settlement results and we look forward to future collaboration with strong industry leaders to offer high-quality antenna products and services to our customers worldwide.”

2J Antennas is a global manufacturer of antenna solutions, aiming to deliver innovative technologies to the Automotive, Navigation, IoT, Marine, Telematic, Automation, M2M and other tech-dependent markets. We offer a variety of high-quality products that implement cutting-edge technologies to meet the rapidly evolving wireless industry catering to 5GNR, 4GLTE, Iridium, LPWA, WiFi, GNSS, LoRa, Sigfox frequencies and more. With locations in Slovakia, USA and UK, our in-house R&D and manufacturing capabilities offer our customers high quality off-the-shelf and customized fully certified products.

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Milos Gendiar


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