U.S. Consumers Turning Back to Physical Stores This Shopping Season – Study by Aroscop

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ASK1–Today, Adtech innovator Aroscop released insights from a recent pan-USA study revealing that consumers may have returned to physical stores this shopping season, starting with Black Friday last week.

This study included over 1000 respondents across age groups, genders, states, and income groups. The study covered Consumer Electronics, Gifts & Toys, Apparel, and Home & Kitchen as the key shopping categories.

The study uncovered four significant aspects of shopping behavior:

  1. When will people shop?
  2. Where will they shop from – online vs. offline?
  3. Where do they get information about products, offers, sales, deals, etc.?
  4. What influences them to shop?

As American consumers eagerly return to physical stores after a long time, Aroscop gathered insights on key factors influencing their shopping behavior. Some important insights from the study are:

  • 43% of shoppers get influenced by deals and discounts
  • 62% of shoppers may shop offline
  • 46% of shoppers gather information related to offers, products, and promotions mainly through digital media
  • 41% of the respondents stated they may shop during Black Friday

In terms of buying decisions, brand preference is the second most important factor after deals and discounts. Interestingly, most shoppers were looking forward to Black Friday – Thanksgiving – Cyber Monday week/weekend for most of their purchases.

By understanding this dynamicity in consumers’ shopping habits, retailers and brands can build a robust customer engagement strategy addressing the overall needs.

The study leveraged Aroscop’s consumer insights tool ASK1 and segments created from proprietary first-party data (covering 120+ million households in the U.S.). ASK1 uses interactive creatives to serve short-form questions at scale & speed to identified or pre-built demographic, behavioral, or usage-based micro-cohorts. It has helped various brands pick up the consumer voice from the market and make informed decisions.

ASK1 has helped generate hundreds of thousands responses across 75+ research studies for brands from 20+ verticals. Some key reasons to choose ASK1 are:

  • Complex workflows and decision trees capture maximum information from a single session without redundancy
  • Multilingual creatives – ask your audience questions in their language
  • Easy user interface for higher responses

If you are also looking to leverage consumer insights for your business, visit https://www.aroscop.com.


Arjun Som (arjun@aroscop.com)


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