Sharp/NEC Delivers Stunning Visuals with New Direct View LED Display Series

The New NEC FC Series provides LED customers with a durable, high-end solution for high traffic and public spaces through better durability, performance and power consumption features

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sharp NEC Display Solutions, a global leader in the projector and display markets, launched today its next generation of Direct View LED displays, the NEC FC Series. Building off of Sharp/NEC’s proven FA and FE series, the new Direct View LED displays feature next generation durability and uses the latest flip chip technology to deliver unmatched contrast and brightness to its digital signage customers across retail, transportation, museums, public spaces and more.

Using the latest COB (flip chip) Multi-Color LEDs, instead of the traditional SMD, the NEC FC series’ durable design enable the screen to withstand damage by being anti-collision, anti-electrostatic, anti-water drop, as well as dustproof. COB technology helps the displays deliver reliable and stunning imaging for demanding environments while significantly minimizing the chances of damage in high-traffic spaces where a number of different scenarios can disrupt video wall performance. The COB flip chip also reduces power consumption and provides an increase in usage time, making it a smart investment for businesses and organizations.

The FC series provides the most optimal display resolution that can be achieved for close viewing distances and the line-up includes three models (LED-FC0121i, LED-FC015i, LED-FC009i) offering a variety of fine pixel pitches (0.95mm, 1.2mm, and 1.5mm).

Compared to other competitive displays, the NEC FC series is 20% lighter than its predecessors and includes similar chassis and components as the FA/FE series. Other significant features include its front-serviceable design, which minimizes downtime by providing easy access and quick maintenance. In addition, it comes with hot-swappable pixel cards that can be replaced without turning the display off. This provides familiarity and ease to existing installers, which enables a seamless set up and increases product run times.

As with all of Sharp/NEC’s digital display products, the NEC FC Series is backed by an industry-leading warranty program and includes full planning and design, installation, and post installation maintenance support.

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About Sharp NEC Display Solutions:

Sharp NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc. is the leading global provider of professional and commercial visual technology and digital signage solutions, wholly owned by Sharp NEC Display Solutions, Ltd. Sharp/NEC offers one of the broadest visual solutions portfolios in the industry, innovating in LCD displays, lamp and laser projectors, dvLED, 8K and 5G technology, collaboration solutions, calibration tools, and IoT and AI-driven analytics. Sharp/NEC is a trusted name and a total solutions provider with strong ties to industry partners and has a reputation for quality, reliability, and industry-leading customer support with a range of professional service offerings. Serving a wide variety of markets, the organization’s expertise spans retail, enterprise, education, entertainment, transportation, energy and utility, and more. For more information, please visit Follow us on our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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