XDR Alliance Welcomes New MSSP and MDR Members Committed to Open XDR Framework in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity leaders Banyax, Deloitte, and ReliaQuest latest members to join XDR Alliance to augment API integration expertise

FOSTER CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The XDR Alliance™ today welcomed new members Banyax, Deloitte, and ReliaQuest. These are the latest global cybersecurity innovators to join the alliance and express their commitment to collaboration and an open, inclusive and collaborative extended detection and response (XDR) framework. In addition to founding member Expel, these newest members expand the MSSP/MDR category of the alliance and will further drive the alliance’s API integration initiative. The news comes shortly after the first anniversary of the XDR Alliance.

“We are pleased to have these providers join and augment the representation in the MSSP/MDR space, and offer their extraordinary API integration expertise across all alliance member technologies and the industry at large,” said Gorka Sadowski, founder of the XDR Alliance and Chief Strategy Officer at Exabeam. “These new members represent joint customers all over the world and have vast expertise in helping end customers benefit from tightly integrated best-of-breed technology stacks in the spirit of being open, inclusive and collaborative. They built and operate some of the world’s largest security operations centers (SOCs).”

This announcement follows the recent XDR Alliance release of a new Common Information Model (CIM) that was created through collaboration with several XDR Alliance members over the last 12 months, since the alliance’s formation. Now that the CIM is released as open source via an Apache 2.0 license, the alliance will now focus on building a new set of bi-directional APIs to ensure interoperability between all alliance member products and other relevant products across cybersecurity and XDR Alliance member categories.

“Even with the best of security training for employees, the odds are high that someone will eventually fall prey to a sophisticated cyber scam. It’s up to the cybersecurity industry as a whole to partner together to come up with automated solutions to protect individuals and organizations from adversaries,” said Carlos Alanis, CEO and co-founder, Banyax. “Together with the other members of the XDR Alliance, we can work together to provide next-generation tools to organizations in need of the resources to bolster security posture.”

“At Deloitte, we know that delivering measurable, sustainable results for our clients and our communities takes teamwork and fresh, innovative thinking. Our Deloitte Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) services help customers benefit from threat hunting, detection, response and remediation capabilities with a best-of-breed, multi-vendor approach built on an open framework ,” says Curt Aubley, MXDR by Deloitte leader and a Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory managing director, Deloitte & Touche LLP. “We understand the power of collaboration and we are thrilled to participate in the XDR Alliance.”

“At ReliaQuest, we are committed to making security possible. We believe that security is a team sport and therefore we are excited to join the XDR Alliance,” said Brian Foster, Chief Product Officer at ReliaQuest. “Working with others at the XDR Alliance will help us enable organizations to move at the speed of their business. Ultimately, this is how we help customers increase visibility, reduce complexity, and manage risk in their environment.”

XDR Alliance charter

The charter of the XDR Alliance is to define and promote an open XDR approach that best works for end users; to help SecOps teams better integrate new and evolving applications and technologies; to make it easier to deliver on the value-add use cases that their organizations require; to ensure interoperability across the XDR security vendor solutions set; and to collaborate on XDR market education and awareness.

XDR Alliance members are representative of complementary technologies in security analytics, security information and event management (SIEM), endpoint, email, identity, cloud, network, and OT/IoT security and threat intelligence, collaborating to provide open XDR and threat detection, investigation and response (TDIR). Alliance subcategories also include managed security service providers (MSSPs), managed detection and response services (MDRs) and systems integrators (SIs).

Founding members of the XDR Alliance include best-in-class cybersecurity leaders Armis, Exabeam, Expel, ExtraHop, Google Cloud Security, Mimecast, Netskope, and SentinelOne.

The members of the XDR Alliance encourage cybersecurity and IT vendors to participate in the alliance for the continuous improvement of TDIR outcomes for security professionals everywhere. If your organization would like to apply, please visit the XDR Alliance member application page.

About XDR Alliance

The XDR Alliance™ is a partnership of best-in-class security and information technology providers organized to help security teams easily design and implement effective threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) capabilities using XDR. The mission of the alliance is to work in collaboration to make an open approach to XDR a reality for SecOps teams and help them effectively protect their organizations from adversarial behavior. Learn more at www.xdralliance.com.


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