The Easiest Floor Cleaner Ever: Dreame Announces the DreameBot L10s Ultra at IFA 2022

The new robot mop and vacuum will both clean floors and itself, as well as automatically empty its dustbin

Berlin, Germany, September 1, 2022 – Dreame Technology (“Dreame”), a global leader in smart home cleaning appliances, will unveil the new DreameBot L10s Ultra robotic mopping vacuum cleaner at IFA 2022. With dual rotating mop heads, industry-leading suction, innovative 3D mapping, and a self-emptying dock that washes and dries the mop heads, the L10s Ultra is poised to be the most hands- and hassle-free floor cleaning robot on the market.

“At Dreame Technology, we make every robot with one goal in mind: for users to set it and forget it,” said Terry Tian, Head of Product Design at Dreame Technology. “With the L10s Ultra, we’ve set a new standard for both power and ease-of-use when it comes to smart home cleaning.”

A Deeper Clean for All Floor Types

Robotic cleaners have long promised to check one of the most tedious chores off of our to-do list. The new DreameBot L10s Ultra takes things much further by making human intervention completely unnecessary. Crumbs, spills and pet fur are no match for this vacuum thanks to its dual, self-dampening mop heads that spin at 180 RPM, a rotating broom, and class-leading 5,300Pa suction power. Within the app, users can select from a variety of cleaning settings, allowing the DreameBot L10s Ultra to do a deep clean or faster daily clean-up depending on need.

Set it and Forget It Daily Cleaning

While the vacuum cleaner itself is a marvel of technological innovation, the L10s Ultra features one of the most advanced docks in the industry. It features clean and dirty water tanks and a dustbag compartment, which combined enable nearly two months of hands-off cleaning. The self-emptying system utilizes Dreame’s exclusive DualBoost 2.0 technology to blow air into the robot’s dustbin while vacuuming it into the dock’s 3-liter dustbag. When the robot docks, it automatically raises its mops 7mm, the self-washing system automatically refills the robot with cleaning solution, cleans the mops in water, and spins them at high speed against a grooved cleaning platform to remove dirt. Mops are then dried with hot air to prevent odor, mildew, and bacterial growth. 

Knows Exactly Where It’s Going and Type of Floor it’s Cleaning

For homes with a mix of hard floors and carpet, the DreameBot L10s Ultra utilizes advanced AI to detect changes in ultrasonic frequencies when cleaning different kinds of floors, and automatically turns on/off the mop function and adjusts suction power accordingly. No longer does the user have to pick up toys, shoes, etc before a cleaning. The DreameBot L10s Ultra deploys advanced 3D mapping and navigation and dual-laser-based obstacle avoidance to pre-plan its cleaning routine based on what it sees – ensuring floors are deeply cleaned without its user having to navigate it out of jams or double-check its work.

Integrates With Alexa and Google Assistant

With the mobile app (available for Android and iPhone), and integration with Alexa and Google Assistant, initiating a cleaning is as simple as tapping a smartphone screen or saying a voice command. 

Attendees of IFA can visit Dreame and see the DreameBot L10s Ultra at Hall 7.1A, Booth 105.

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