P360 Adds Four New Modules to the BirdzAI Data and Analytics Platform for Pharmaceutical Commercial Operations

BirdzAI now features modules for Master Data Management, Insights & Analytics, Sales Operation and Marketing Operations

PISCATAWAY TOWNSHIP, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AIP360, a leading technology developer for pharmaceutical companies, today unveiled that its BirdzAI data and analytics platform has been enhanced with four powerful new pre-built modules for Master Data Management, Insights & Analytics, Sales Operations and Marketing Operations. With these enhancements, BirdzAI’s next-generation ecosystem supports pharmaceutical commercial operations with rapid, end-to-end data management capabilities, including the ingestion, storage, processing and analysis of data derived from commonly used sources like first and third-party prescription data, specialty pharmacy data feeds, CRM systems, marketing interactions reports and more.

“With BirdzAI’s new modules, we are giving pharmaceutical commercial operations the ability to generate insights, efficiencies and cost savings never before thought possible,” stated P360 Founder and CEO Anupam Nandwana. “To do this, we first develop a state-of-the-art master data management ecosystem. From there, we incorporate advanced algorithms and workflows that enable sales and marketing teams to automate processes and arrive at faster, more reliable business decisions. And we do this in a way that enhances a company’s current systems.”

To help pharmaceutical companies develop an effective, AI-powered future, the team at P360 completely reimagined how the BirdzAI platform operates. The robust yet flexible solution integrates easily with any commercial operations workflow and creates a single source of truth by bringing all an organization’s sales and marketing data sources together into a state-of-the-art Master Data Management ecosystem. The platform comes with pre-built connectors to all major industry data sources and its advanced AI and machine learning algorithms then turn that data into insights for real-time sales and marketing operations decision-making, including forecasting, brand propensity analysis, next best action insights, customer alignment, customer and territory planning and sizing, incentive compensation strategy and much more. And for companies launching new commercial infrastructure, and bringing their first drug to market, BirdzAI helps with rapid implementation and rollout.

Although AI gets the lion’s share of headlines, the real magic begins at the data layer. An organization’s data often comes from a wide variety of sources and is touched by many people. If not effectively managed, this can result in redundant and even conflicting information. As your pharmaceutical commercial operation grows and becomes more complex, establishing processes and tools like BirdzAI for managing data at scale is essential.

“BirdzAI’s Master Data Management module helps pharmaceutical commercial operations to digitally transform effectively,” added Nandwana. “Building from a solid data foundation helps ensure the successful implementation of other technologies within the commercial operations workflow, including BirdzAI’s Insights & Analytics, Sales Operations and Marketing Operations modules. Whether you already have a solution or need a solution, BirdzAI brings it all together under one umbrella.”

BirdzAI’s agile and customizable modules include:

Master Data Management:

  • Modern Data Estate
  • Change Management
  • Data Validation, Rules & Processes
  • Data Capture & Integration
  • Scalable while Maintaining Security and Compliance

Insights & Analytics:

  • Pre-built Machine Learning Models
  • Call Planning & Optimization
  • Segmentation, Optimization & Forecasting

Sales Operations:

  • Alignment Management
  • Roster Management
  • Field Data Change Requests
  • Incentive Compensation
  • Product Master
  • Reporting
  • Vendor Data Integration
  • Help Desk
  • CRM Implementation

Marketing Operations:

  • Web & Digital Build Out
  • Marketing Automation
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Data Integration

“Pharmaceutical commercial operations that incorporate these modules into their workflows, business models and services will be able to out-perform their competitors and will ultimately be the ones that thrive in our quickly evolving technology-powered landscape,” added Nandwana.

BirdzAI is built on Microsoft Azure and is compatible with existing commercial infrastructure and integrates seamlessly with leading CRM and ERP systems.

Delivering a 360 view through the pharma-to-physician ecosystem, P360 designs and deploys capabilities that ensure the highest efficiencies and returns on sales operations, data management, and IoT innovation. With expertise in supporting commercial operations for companies of all sizes, P360 has built an industry-leading platform that gives customers ownership of their data and the ability to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. For more information, visit P360.com.

About P360

Based in Piscataway Township, New Jersey, P360 is a leading technology developer for the life sciences industry. We specialize in technology that improves operational efficiency, enables end-to-end visibility, streamlines workflows and boosts physician engagement. Product offerings include the ZING Engagement Suite, BirdzAI, and Swittons. To learn more about P360, visit P360.com.


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