DT Technology Group Partners With Virtuozzo to Accelerate Transformation Into a Leading Digital Platform Enabler

Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure Supports 5G-ready Public Cloud and Digital Solutions Portfolio

SCHAFFHAUSEN, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CloudManagementVirtuozzo, a global leader in high-efficiency virtualization and hyperconverged software solutions, today announced its collaboration with DT Technology Group has accelerated DT’s transition from a leading telco to a leading digital platform enabler. Through the use of Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure, DT has deployed a Public Cloud as well as new revenue streams via DevOps services—all while reducing its total cost of ownership by 30 percent.

Increasingly, companies seek to leverage digital solutions to transform their businesses. Simultaneously, SmartCity projects show no signs of slowing down. However, the continued growth of 5G connectivity and IoT applications brings with it new infrastructure design challenges—integration of AI computing, Cloud Native applications, GPU computing, application modernization, and DevOps resources. The supporting network infrastructure must be robust enough to scale with the demand while the software development ecosystem around it must be mature enough to enable enterprises as well as small- to medium-sized companies to leverage the technology trends for business gain.

Drawing on its ICT system integration and telecom roots, DT sought to address both needs by building an enterprise-grade and 5G-ready infrastructure as well as establishing a team of skilled digital software developers. In the late 2010’s, the company launched its Cloud platform and digital software solutions suite via partnerships with a hyperscaler and proprietary virtualization solutions provider, though quickly sought to replace them… and did with a single partner: Virtuozzo.

“We have a unique market opportunity. We understand the infrastructure requirements behind carrier grade platforms and are leveraging this expertise to build seamless, elastic enterprise-grade digital platforms,” said Tolga Dinçer, CEO, DT Technology Group. “Our initial partner choices, however, limited what we could deliver to customers as they were complicated to use, inflexible, and quite expensive. Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure solved all of those problems out of the box.”

A Public Cloud for Modern Times

DT uses the OpenStack-based Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure to host a robust 5G-enabled infrastructure supporting Public Cloud, Edge data centers, and OnPrem needs. The Cloud infrastructure scales easily and notably taps into local data centers to satisfy data sovereignty requirements. Further, its inherent capabilities driven by Virtuozzo’s hyperconverged system include support for various advanced solutions—from graphics-rich VDI services to compute-heavy, AI-dependent big data analytics.

A Digital Platform Partner for the DevOps Community

To help businesses capitalize on its robust infrastructure, DT also uses Virtuozzo’s software to deliver digital solutions. This offering includes consultative services as well as digital platform development—such as microservices architecture design—for cross-industry customers, and depends heavily on Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure’s core features:

  • Security and business continuity
  • Production-ready Kubernetes environment and tools
  • Flexible licensing models (PAYG pricing)
  • Immediate scalability, up or down
  • Storge-as-a-Service
  • Hardware vendor agnostic

“Virtuozzo is purpose-built to help companies like DT shift their and their customers’ business models from capex to opex, helping reduce costs while gaining the benefits of hyperconverged, Cloud-driven digital transformation,” said Alex Fine, Virtuozzo CEO. “We’re seeing increased adoption of our technology by savvy service providers striving to deliver alternative Cloud services: services that compete with those of hyperscalers in diversity, performance and capabilities, but are simpler, more flexible, and far more cost-efficient to use. To that end, DT is optimizing Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure to an incredible extent. We’re excited to see what they’ve accomplished to date and are proud to be a part of their continued journey.”

About DT Technology Group

Headquartered in Istanbul, DT Technology Group (www.dt.net.tr) is an international digital platform enabler servicing Turkey and other locations worldwide. Since its 2006 inception, DT has evolved from being an ICT systems integrator to a telco responsible for thousands of installations of carrier network infrastructure for 2G through to 5G networks. In 2018, the company packaged its experience to create an enterprise-grade, 5G-ready multiregional Public Cloud offering.

About Virtuozzo

Virtuozzo (www.virtuozzo.com) is a leading, global provider of hybrid virtualization, storage, and cloud enablement software solutions. The Company’s software-defined, hyperconverged self-service platform and resource management capabilities enable hosting and service providers to provide end-customers with public and private cloud services. Virtuozzo is an industry pioneer who developed the first commercially available container technology 21 years ago. The Company provides software solutions and services to over 750 service providers, ISVs, and enterprises worldwide to enable hundreds of thousands of virtual environments, running mission-critical cloud workloads. A significant force in the open-source community, Virtuozzo sponsors and/or is a contributor to numerous open-source projects including KVM, Docker, OpenStack, OpenVZ, CRIU, and the Linux kernel.


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