KUKA Demonstrates Grinding Solution Alongside 3M at FABTECH 2019

KUKA leaders will be sharing their robotics and manufacturing expertise with attendees through four speaking sessions at North America’s largest welding and finishing show

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#3MKUKA, an intelligent automation solutions global supplier, will be presenting and exhibiting at FABTECH 2019 from November 11-14, 2019. FABTECH is the largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event in North America; it provides attendees with the opportunity to learn about the newest industry trends and solutions, as well as meet with world-class suppliers.

At the event, KUKA will be demonstrating the ready2_grind solution alongside its partner 3M at booth #B33045. Ready2_grind is an automated grinding solution that perfectly combines the precision of a KUKA robot with 3M grinding tool, abrasives and process expertise. This solution can be used for grinding and blending applications across a variety of industries, like automotive, metal fabrication, aerospace, and parts, such as metal enclosures, racks, furniture and car parts with visible weld joints. Customers who purchase the ready2_grind robot will have access to 3M application engineers who will support proof-of-concept and share abrasive process recommendations. Trained 3M and KUKA system integrators will also be available to support implementation and deployment.

“Finding and retaining labor has been a major pain point for those in the welding industry, which is why the ready2_grind cell provides the perfect solution to help pick up slack where human workers can’t keep up with demand,” said Steve Green, President of KUKA US. “Manufacturers in the welding industry are looking to improve production rates, and the ready2_grind’s accuracy and precision allows for consistent production and maximum efficiency.”

In addition to the ready2_grind solution, additional demonstrations will be showcased at KUKA’s booth #B27038 in the North Hall. These demonstrations will show how KUKA’s unmatched portfolio of products and solutions can work with all major welding suppliers to help optimize manufacturers’ processes. These demonstrations include:

  • KUKA Connect: KUKA Connect is a cloud-based analytics and intelligence platform that allows users to access their KUKA robots’ data which has been turned into analytic information. During the demo, attendees can use the on-site kiosks to walk through the benefits of KUKA Connect through a series of videos with on-site experts to assist them.
  • Arc Welding: This demonstration will use coordinated motion alongside a stiff robot arm and dual axis positioner to showcase its ability to work on large and out of position parts. What makes this demo unique is its easy-to-use coordinated motion and use of collision detection without a clutch.
  • KUKA KP3 High Speed Turntable: Designed to reduce cycle time and improve throughput, the KP3 exhibition will display the positioner’s unmatched industry speed in coordination with a KR CYBERTECH arc nano and KR CYBERTECH arc.
  • KUKA with OCTOPUZ: In partnership with OCTOPUZ, KUKA will showcase how easy it is to program a KUKA robot offline using simulation software, which is particularly useful for high-mix, low-volume shops or when manufacturers need to commission or make adjustments prior to the cell being built.
  • Spot Welding: During this demonstration, KUKA experts will show the ease of calibration, mastering and set-up a KUKA spot welding cell using an integrated calibration routine on KUKA.RoboSpin in conjunction with the brand-new KR QUANTEC series.
  • Synchronized Robots: The synchronized, or “kissing,” robotics demonstration will utilize KUKA.RoboTeam software to coordinate the movements of two KUKA robots into geometrically coupled motions for the optimized repeatability and accuracy needed to save valuable space and reduce cycle times.
  • Statuebots: These pre-configured robots will showcase the major suppliers KUKA works with, including SKS, Lincoln and Miller Electric. KUKA will display its dress-out kits, mounting brackets and torches on three KR CYBERTECH nanos, which eliminate the need for integrators to design custom brackets or deal with cabling issues.

KUKA leaders will also be presenting on a variety of topics to share their manufacturing, welding and robotics expertise with show attendees. The presentations are as follows:

  • “Using Automation and Industry 4.0 to Support Lights Out Production” by Joe Gemma, Chief Regional Officer at KUKA, North America – Tuesday, November 12 at 12 p.m.

    After this presentation, attendees will be able to identify how Industry 4.0 concepts and software can generate and manage data from automated processes. The presentation will also lay the groundwork for attendees to develop lights-out production strategies for manufacturing facilities.
  • “Autonomous Mobile Robots in Diverse Work Settings” by Denise Ebenhoech, Regional Head of Advanced Robotic Applications at KUKA, North America – Wednesday, November 13 at 10 a.m.

    During the presentation, Ebenhoech will discuss how manufacturers can know if an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) is right for their applications. She’ll also show how AMRs are being used to improve automation projects’ flexibility in different work settings.
  • “Using the 6 Stages of Human-Robot Collaboration to Find the Right Robot for Your Application” by Simon Whitton, Senior VP of Sales & Marketing at KUKA, North America – Wednesday, November 13 at 1 p.m.
    Whitton will show attendees how to match the right stage of human-robot collaboration (HRC) with the right application to find the solution that will provide the best results. He will also define each stage of HRC and discuss the pros and cons of using a collaborative or industrial robot in different scenarios.
  • “IoT Strategies to Drive Robotic Predictive Maintenance” by Wesley Mershon, Product Manager at KUKA, North America – Thursday, November 14 at 9 a.m.

    This presentation will provide actionable advice for successful robotic IoT adoption and utilization. Mershon will also use real-life examples to discuss the best practices for surfacing information and identify challenges encountered during implementations.

“As welders continue to feel the pressure to produce more with limited resources, they need to rely more on their solutions to help them keep up with demand and understand how to best use those products and services,” said Gemma. “That’s why we’re glad we can share our expertise and experiences at FABTECH and show attendees how they can alleviate some of the pressure on their factory floor with industrial automation.”

For more information about FABTECH and KUKA’s exhibit and speaking sessions at the show, visit: https://www.fabtechexpo.com/

For more information about KUKA and its solutions, visit: https://www.kuka.com/

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