AlefEdge and New Continuum Data Centers Announce Availability of Alef’s Edge Applications and Services in the Greater Chicago Region and Permanent Showcase in New Continuum’s West Chicago NAP

Creates immediate opportunity for regional mobile network operators and
application providers to deliver 5G-style services over existing
wireless infrastructure

the Edge Internet leader, and New
Continuum Data Centers
, today announced an easy way for greater
Chicago regional network operators and application providers to deliver
next-generation wireless services. The deployment of Alef’s solution at
New Continuum enables Chicago region operators to easily offer next
generation Edge Internet services. Based in New Continuum’s West Chicago
NAP data center, which has evolved as a convergence point of both
optical and logical networks, Alef’s revolutionary edge application
suite of solutions is immediately available to the surrounding
communities. To facilitate better understanding of the combined
solution, the companies also announced a permanent showcase of the
combined service offering.

“With New Continuum’s world-class connectivity through United Internet
Exchange and Alef’s Edge solution, we’ve created compelling new
opportunities for carriers, with new applications and services—IoT,
IIoT, Edge Gaming, Edge Streaming, Autonomous Vehicles and more,” says
Ganesh Sundaram, CEO of AlefEdge. “By demonstrating Alef’s live
deployment of edge computing, edge clouds and edge applications at New
Continuum, we provide further proof that the Edge Internet can be
deployed anywhere and with easy integration, enabling regional carriers
to quickly roll out new data-intensive, low-latency services.”

New Continuum, through its creation of United Internet Exchange, hosts
the traffic of regional network operators and large application
providers to help route Internet traffic in the Midwest. Further, New
Continuum’s West Chicago data center is geographically diverse from
legacy downtown fiber convergence and traffic exchange points, providing
an ideal secondary exchange point in a distributed network architecture.
Finally, by providing a premier, high density data center with all of
the connectivity and flexibility features New Continuum provides the
ideal location for the edge computing deployments of wireless carriers.

“I am extremely excited to announce this partnership,” says Eli D.
Scher, founder and CEO of New Continuum. “We are constantly seeking to
form partnerships with truly innovative companies offering complementary
services in order to deliver value to our customers, and Alef is an
example of our ideal partner. By integrating our products, rural and
regional fixed-line and wireless-service providers can now deliver 5G
services on existing infrastructure. This immediate edge compute use
case saves both capital and reduces latency, delivering clear value to
our mutual customers.”

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About AlefEdge

AlefEdge is the leader in the Edge Internet, which allows us to
physically locate products and services closer to users. Alef’s
innovative architecture allows for 5G-style applications to work over
4G. New and existing networks benefit from our Edge architecture. In
addition to its Edge overlay and enablers, Alef develops in-house Edge
solutions and works with an array of partners to build the world’s first
Edge applications that leverage and realize Virtual and Augmented
Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, IoT and
Gaming. AlefEdge is headquartered in New York City, with offices in
India and Brazil.

About New Continuum Data Centers

New Continuum Data Centers (New Continuum or NCDC) is a multi-tenant
data center operator in the western Chicago suburbs. NCDC operates an
80,000 square foot, purpose-built, concurrently maintainable facility in
West Chicago, IL. NCDC offers highly flexible wholesale and retail
colocation services to enterprises and small businesses. New Continuum’s
products range from basic colocation to private cages, private suites
and secured data halls. Additionally, NCDC offers unique connectivity
and peering solutions through its partnership with United IX. New
Continuum’s 2N power design can accommodate some of the highest density
cabinet footprints, and with its efficient technologies and robust
cooling infrastructure it can deliver leading edge PUEs. To learn more,
please visit,
or call 877-432-2656.


GRC for AlefEdge
Casey Bush/Kyle Loomis
+1 949 608 0276

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