US Air Force Contract Awarded to ZAF Energy Systems for Nickel-Zinc Battery System

JOPLIN, Mo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ZAF Energy Systems, Inc. (ZAF), a developer of next-generation battery technology, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a $1.4 million contract for a nickel-zinc (NiZn) battery system to support the U.S. Air Force intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) ground facility.

ZAF’s nickel-zinc batteries are helping to meet customer demands for powerful, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly battery solutions and are uniquely positioned to respond quickly to power outages. The project, which will run for 24 months, is expected to result in a prototype stationary energy storage system capable of powering the silo’s systems in the event of a power outage, and until standby generators can be started.

Eivind Listerud, ZAF’s VP of Engineering, said, “In addition to having a longer operational life than the current lead-acid batteries, the Air Force is using nickel-zinc batteries that can be stored, without charging, for a very long time—as much as twenty years—without damage or the need for float charge.”

“We’re seeing our technology perform well in rigorous battery performance testing by major commercial trucking, telecommunications, and large-scale data storage companies,” commented Randy Moore, President and CEO, ZAF Energy Systems.

“Unlike lithium-ion batteries, which cannot operate without a battery management system (BMS), ZAF’s nickel-zinc batteries can perform well in commercial applications without a BMS,” added Moore. “However, we are using a BMS developed by Aerojet Rocketdyne for this critical application to both provide cell balancing and monitor the battery’s state of health.”

ZAF’s NiZn batteries have potential uses in a wide range of applications including automotive, heavy trucking, remote telecom, renewable energy, marine and military. NiZn batteries are poised to disrupt the $50 billion conventional lead-acid battery market with their ability to provide significantly greater storage capacity and power over legacy lead-acid batteries in a smaller, lighter package. They provide a powerful and affordable alternative to their lead-acid counterparts while generating a lower environmental impact.

About ZAF Energy Systems, Inc.

Incorporated in 2011 and with locations in northwestern Montana and southwest Missouri, ZAF Energy Systems develops and commercializes next-generation battery technologies that use sustainable, non-toxic materials and can be safely and easily recycled. Its breakthrough battery technologies include a nickel zinc (NiZn) chemistry and a zinc air chemistry, both of which deliver the highest power and energy density of any battery system in their class. ZAF’s rechargeable batteries provide long-life and economical solutions in a safe package for a variety of applications, including: electric vehicles, commercial trucking, renewables integration, back-up power, consumer electronics, mobility, recreation vehicles, and military applications. For more information, visit:


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