Turkcell Signed a Sustainability Linked Loan Agreement of 50 Million Euros

ISTANBUL–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Turkcell (NYSE:TKC) (BIST:TCELL), incorporating its sustainability
approach to its financing activities, today announced that it has signed
a ‘Sustainability Linked Loan’ agreement with BNP Paribas for a
three-year term loan of 50 million euros. Accordingly, Turkcell has
further strengthened its leading position in loan markets with
sustainable financing. As part of the agreement, objectives including
electronic waste recycling, using solar energy and decline in paper
consumption with increased use of company’s digital publishing app
Dergilik have been set. The annual cost of the loan will decline should
Turkcell successfully meet these objectives.

An incentive for sustainability and future
Emphasizing that
Turkcell has extended its sustainability efforts to its financing
activities, Turkcell CEO Murat Erkan said: “We have signed the
‘Sustainability Linked Loan’ agreement combining our efforts on
sustainability and objective of diversifying our financial resources.
Turkcell will contribute to sustainable growth, reduce its carbon
footprint and lower its financial costs with this loan – our aim at
scale is to leave the natural resources to the next generation and
create value for our customers in a sustainable manner. We are, in this
sense, determined to continue our sustainability practices as the heart
of our corporate social responsibility projects.”

Sustainability through ubiquitous practices
disclosing its sustainable management approach, its practices and
performance transparently through its sustainability reports published
since 2011, is also listed on BIST (Istanbul Stock Exchange)
Sustainability Index since 2015. Supporting sustainable
industrialization with its technology, Turkcell builds its
infrastructure and aims to reduce environmental effects through its
digital services with the future of climate and environment in mind.
Turkcell continuously tracks its carbon footprint to fight climate
change and aims to lower carbon emission through the increased use of
renewable energy in business processes, and focuses on energy save with
process improvements to reduce its waste. Turkcell’s digital publishing
app Dergilik prevents thousands of trees being cut down by enabling
customers to read magazines and newspaper online. Also, Turkcell’s smart
agriculture IoT device Filiz allows farmers to use water resources more


Ali Karakaya
Turkcell Corporate Communications Manager
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Bugra Kaya
Turkcell Corporate Communications Expert
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