Smith Micro Introduces ViewSpotTM Platform for Improving the Mobile Device Demo Experience in Retail Stores

Wireless Carriers and Retailers Can Now Bring Devices to Life

ALISO VIEJO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Smith Micro Software, Inc. (NASDAQ:
) (“Smith Micro” or the “Company”) today announces the
availability of ViewSpot™, a powerful platform that enables wireless
carriers and retailers to control on-screen demos that are displayed in
their retail stores. The ViewSpot platform delivers consistent,
targeted, and secure content, including promotional campaigns, device
pricing specs and comparisons, and special in-store offers. ViewSpot is
a logical and attractive augmentation to Smith Micro’s product line that
targets mobile network operators (MNO) and cable operators offering
mobile services.

We are excited to introduce ViewSpot and pleased with how this platform
rounds out the already robust product set that Smith Micro provides to
wireless carriers,” said William W. Smith, Jr., President and CEO of
Smith Micro Software. “Carriers using ViewSpot will be able to increase
customer engagement with visually appealing, consistent on-device demos
that educate consumers on product and service features and promotions
while allowing them to evaluate different devices. ViewSpot essentially
becomes an extension of the carrier’s sales team and can convert
consumers who are browsing devices into buyers.”

The ViewSpot platform showcases mobile devices by deploying consistent
and compelling content that can be custom created and can include video,
animations, and one-tap menu guides. This allows carrier-focused content
on in-store devices to promote the top selling phones and tablets,
accessories, new services, and current promotions. The ViewSpot
presentation experience provides a unified, uncluttered display in the
retail stores along with the ability to make easy and seamless content
updates and changes. The ViewSpot platform allows for increased revenue
opportunities through targeted cross promotion of products,
OEM-sponsored content on devices and in-store takeover moments that can
grab a consumer’s attention through special events or offers.

Together with its demo capabilities, the ViewSpot platform also collects
a wide variety of customer engagement data that enables mobile carriers
to gain powerful insights and intelligence on their consumer base, the
sales lifecycle, and overall device sales. The collection and analysis
of this data arms carriers with the necessary information to fully
recognize and respond to customer needs, overcome sales pain points,
understand shopper demographics, and generate targeted messaging that
resonates with consumers. The ViewSpot platform’s ability to tell
intuitive stories to customers engaging with the devices and the
analytics on these interactions positions carriers to improve sales and
profitability. In order to preserve security and privacy, all data
collected during the customer interactions with the device is cleared
nightly and the device resets to provide a new experience for the next

The ViewSpot platform also provides a wide array of operations and
diagnostic analytics that help carriers understand store operations and
device health. This information enables the store operations teams to
reach out to individual stores, regions or team members to provide
information and monitoring without the need to step into a store. The
diagnostic and operational alerts display data such as connected versus
non-connected devices, device temperature and charge, online/offline
status and connectivity details that optimize both store and device

ViewSpot presents a unique opportunity for Smith Micro in a niche space
with minimal competition due to the compelling and complementary
combination of both device and marketing expertise needed to support the
platform,” said Smith. “We are looking forward to providing carriers
with a powerful new way to reach their customers, improve their retail
operations, and introduce a new revenue stream into their business by
bringing in-store devices to life.”

About Smith Micro Software, Inc.

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