SmartTransit Conference: Revolutionizing Transit by Digitization and Innovation (Los Angeles, CA, United States – October 28-30, 2019) –

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “SmartTransit: Revolutionizing Transit by Digitization and Innovation” conference has been added to’s offering.

SmartTransit is the go-to event for senior transit industry figures from across North America. The event will look at how digitalization and technology is revolutionizing transit, from enhanced analytics technologies to real-time passenger information systems. SmartTransit is the event for transit executives looking to keep up with the pace of change.

A congress for those focused on transit technology discussing the most cutting-edge topics of the day:

  • Asset Management & Maintenance
  • Signalling Systems
  • Rolling Stock
  • Ticketing
  • Cyber Security
  • Safety
  • Connectivity: 5G & Wifi
  • Economic Growth
  • Micro Transit
  • Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
  • Data Analytics
  • Environmentally Friendly Transportation
  • Positive Train Control
  • Financing Projects
  • Skill Gap & Workforce Diversity
  • Internet of Things
  • Resilient Communications
  • Increasing Ridership


Monday 28th October

9:00am LA Metro Site Visits

In direct partnership with LA Metro, the event opens with a site visit to one of the operators brand new projects or operational sites. Get a first hand insight to the latest innovative projects at LA Metro including the ongoing Crenshaw/LAX Light Rail Line which is due to open to operations in mid 2020 at a cost of $1.8bn. Leaving the hotel at around 9:00 you will have the opportunity to meet your fellow delegates and check out the network developments..

12:00am Registration

12:30pm Networking lunch

1:30pm Welcome address

The Long Term Business Case For Funding Innovation

A regular difficulty for companies is persuading financiers to look at long term benefits rather than just the short term expenditure. Large scale projects that produce equally impressive savings in future years are balked at due to their initial capital or projects that may ultimately increase passenger numbers and therefore revenue are refused as they do not provide a direct benefit to operations. This opening section of the conference looks at the innovative projects and ideas that have made LA Metro one of the nation’s most progressive transit operators and assesses the methods that can be used to increase the likelihood of gaining investment for these types of projects.

1:35pm Innovation at LA Metro

1:55pm The business case for investing in innovation & new technology2:15pm Financing strategies for digitalizing transit

2:35pm The Texas High-Speed Train – Connecting People, Creating Jobs, and a New American Industry

The Texas High-Speed Train will be the first high-speed train in the country, connecting Houston to North Texas in less than 90 minutes. It will drive huge economic growth as it is being built, and when operational, create a new high-tech American industry.

3:00pm Panel discussion: We’re going to rebuild our infrastructure, which will become, by the way, second to none, and we will put millions of our people to work as we rebuild it. President Trump made this quote three years ago – what has changed?

3:30pm Networking coffee break

The Benefits And Risks Of Increased Digitalization & Communication Technologies

Now, more so than ever, we live in a world where businesses and the population as a whole relies heavily on digital communication technologies. The capabilities of different applications and software seems endless, even more so with the recent announcement of the 5G network and the latest development in mobile communications. Such advancements create a huge amount of potential for the transportation industry and making use of this could have a significant effect on operations and potentially even save lives, yet risk to the system is also increased with the enhanced reliability on digital connectivity leaving the industry even more open to cyber attacks.

4:00pm Assessing the business case of implementing 5G – what are the new capabilities compared to 4G?

4:20pm Advisory session

4:40pm Why having a private LTE underground can potentially save lives

5:00pm The growing threat of cyber-attacks and the potentially severe effects of an attack occurring

5:20pm Panel discussion: Discuss the potential benefits of new 5G technology whilst understanding how this in turn increases the risk of cyber attacks and the need to adapt accordingly to these risks.5:50pm End of Day One

Tuesday 29th October

8:00am Registration

9:00am Welcome address

Making Use Of Data To Improve Safety, Efficiency & Overall Performance

The possibility of collecting and interpreting data almost instantly has enabled operators to streamline a range of tasks and instantly recognize areas of success and those that require improvement. From providing automated reports to agencies to enabling direct links to customers, the real-time transmission of information gives companies and customers a live picture that they can act upon without delay.

9:10am Public transport and continuous connectivity: building smarter cities

Everyday tens of millions of people worldwide use public transport; this critical infrastructure is the backbone of cities and more than ever citizens are expecting digital innovations that improve their commute. In this session James will:

9:30am Case study: The use of Bluetooth beacon technology to increase connectivity and safety

9:50am Advisory session: Comtran

10:10am Strategies being used to prevent rising track fatalities

There has been a steady increase in fatalities across major cities in the US, not only causing loss of life but also traumatic experiences for those nearby the incident and severely impacting service operations. During this session we examine the links between fatalities and factors such as homelessness and lifestyles and the strategies and technologies being used to effectively reduce occurrences in what is a difficult but important issue to address.

10:30am Maintaining and Monitoring Transit Assets through an IOT-based Sensor Network

10:50am Panel discussion: Using data to its fullest potential

11:20am Networking coffee break

11:55am Panel discussion: Understanding how to address the skills and gender gaps in what is an aging, male dominated workforce

The transport industry is seeing dramatic changes with the need to respond to growing populations and new contenders in the mobility space with smarter, more efficient, and high capacity services. Without

the right skills, digitalization and major infrastructure projects are impossible to implement. The industry needs to modernize to attract a younger, more balanced workforce in the future.

12:30pm Roundtable Discussions

The roundtable sessions promote niche and open discussion amongst delegates. The conference hall will be divided into zones, each themed around a different challenge. Delegates can choose which zone they would like to join and a moderator will lead the group in discussion of the topic.

Following the discussion, each table leader will feedback to the whole group their key conclusions from the session.

1:10pm Networking lunch

2:10pm Panel discussions

6:35pm Networking drinks reception

Wednesday 30th October

9:00am Welcome address

De-Carbonization Strategies To Achieve Industry Targets

The pressure from environmentalists and stewardship agencies has never been as strong and the need to reduce emissions to meet regulations is becoming more and more relevant. States such as California are tightening down on carbon emissions and challenging targets are being placed onto companies to ensure a cleaner environment and more healthy way of living for local residents. This section examines the less obvious ways to reduce emissions and assesses the business case for other energy sources such as the electrification of vehicles and networks.

9:05am Alternative propulsion substance to reduce carbon emissions

9:25am Understanding the de-carbonization laws in California and the consequences associated with not hitting targets in future years

California, Colorado and other environmentally conscious states have introduced many extra restrictions and strategies in recent years aimed at cutting carbon emissions and various types of pollution. What are the changes, how far are we from targets and what would we risk by not achieving these?

9:45am Advisory session

10:05am Electrification: When is it worth it?

10:25am Panel discussion: Other ways of reducing emissions to meet targets

In addition to vehicles and trains, there are a number of other ways in which the industry can cut its emissions and in doing so, take valuable steps towards reaching environmental targets. This session discusses the other types of infrastructure where changes can be made such as warehouses and maintenance depots which are often overlooked but could make an important difference going forwards.

10:55am Networking coffee break

11:00am Panel discussions

1:00pm Networking lunch

1:55pm Panel discussions

3:40pm Closing speech

3:45pm End of SmartTransit 2019

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