Smart Manufacturing ERP And Distribution Software Leader SYSPRO Announces New Offerings and Growth Strategy

New Connected Services Offering Makes Intelligent Devices Across
Systems Highly Integrated; SYSPRO Analyst Roadshow Features Proof with
Customer BKB Ltd. on Tour

a global provider of industry-built ERP software, is kicking off its
annual technology analyst roadshow in Boston this week by announcing new
capabilities to advance the company’s “smart manufacturing” leadership
in delivering practical digital transformation solutions to customers
via the latest release of SYSPRO ERP. The company will be briefing
several analysts on its continued innovation in delivering digital
transformation as part of its latest release, and recent organizational
changes, including the appointment of the new U.S.A. CEO. This year,
SYSPRO has also brought their customer, BKB
, as part of the briefing to provide insight on their experience
with SYSPRO and how they are applying digital transformation in their

With more than 15,000 customers operating in a variety of cloud, hybrid,
and on-premise environments, SYSPRO has a well-established footprint in
manufacturing and distribution industries, delivering four decades of
innovation to these industries and building a reputation for delivering
the competitive edge to customer businesses. SYSPRO consistently ranks
as a “Leader” or “Major Player” in multiple IT analyst evaluations
within the ERP vendor marketplace, including SYSPRO’s most recent strong
positioning as a Major Player in the IDC
MarketScape: SaaS and Cloud-enabled Manufacturing ERP 2019 Vendor
(doc #US43702818, March 2019).

“The mid-market manufacturing industry knows SYSPRO based on its deep
industry roots, its functionality from which customers can extract
value, its product flexibility, and the technology advances that it
often delivers to its customers ahead of competitors,” said Seth
Lippincott, Director of Research, Nucleus Research
. “SYSPRO’s latest
release, SYSPRO 8, which became GA last year, is helping manufacturers
and distributors use practical digital capabilities to transform their
businesses. The new release is competitive with other ERP offerings and
is worth a serious review by mid-market companies. We’re looking forward
to seeing their newest advances in this year’s roadshow.”

SYSPRO News Targets Customer and Company Growth
Included in
SYSPRO’s strategy announcements are:




strategy, SYSPRO is continuing its strategic consolidation of
multiple areas within its global organization to deliver a
consistent customer, employee, and channel experience that
solidifies and augments the company’s global market presence. As
part of this reorganization, SYSPRO had earlier announced a
revamped partner program called PartnerUP, and announced the
appointment of new USA CEO Geoff
, as well as the new Australasia CEO Rob
. These industry leaders bring significant industry
experience to lead their respective regions. SYSPRO USA is now
consolidated into and owned by the SYSPRO Group.



“This is a new dawn for SYSPRO as we take the company to the next
level and expand on our considerable competitive strengths,
currently as the ERP industry’s smart manufacturing leader,” said
Geoff Garrett, CEO, SYSPRO USA. “The company has consistently
proven to both customers and the market that it not only stays one
step ahead of where the manufacturing sector is going, but that it
is agile and nimble enough to deliver capabilities which
competitors still have as roadmap items. By consolidating our many
advantages, we can operate faster and more effectively, and
amplify our value prop even further. This is an important step in
SYSPRO’s evolution as a company and an ERP leader.”



TECHNOLOGY LEADERSHIP – SYSPRO is actively pursuing several
simultaneous digital transformation initiatives:

AI Advances: SYSPRO, which is on the cutting edge of the ERP
industry with its positively cited release of an AI-embedded version
of SYSPRO Release 8 more than 18 months ago, has since advanced the
product significantly. Today it can demonstrate proven value related
to predictions and anomaly detection within the context of the day
to day traditional ERP transformation. This framework includes event
and digital moment orchestration that allows an IoT connected
device, chatbot, or any other element connected into SYSPRO to
access its workflow engine to perform specific intelligent processes
or tasks.

SYSPRO Next Gen Customer Service: SYSPRO’s reputation for a great
service experience extends far beyond the goal of implementation,
upgrades, and support. SYSPRO is performing active customer
outreach and engagements to advance its customers’ Industry 4.0
initiatives. “We recognize that this is an important and
organizationally challenging step for our customers,” said Paulo
de Matos, Chief Product Officer, who is leading SYSPRO’s 2019
Analyst Roadshow. “As technology leaders, it is important for us
to contextualize how digital transformation can make a difference
in our customers’ lives. Given our deep technology and industry
experience, it is our responsibility to assist our customers on
their adoption and digital transformation journey.”


Customer Engagement/Interface: SYSPRO is delivering an ERP user
experience that is as easy to engage with as social media greatly
accelerates user adoption, eliminating the necessity for training.


PRODUCT NEWS – SYSPRO is launching Connected Services,
which enables customers to extend SYSPRO in multiple ways,
including the integration to intelligent devices, such as IoT,
Artificial Intelligence, Bots, and the incorporation of
participants in the supply chain. Integration and event
orchestration are limitless via any device, third-parties,
platforms, and e-commerce sites. Advantages include:

A consolidated view of businesses and operational aspects – enabling
unified workflows

Information interchange with external devices such as tablets and

Easier collaboration and information sharing with business partners

Digital moment, event, and workflow orchestration

Data exchange without compromising on data integrity and security

Singular and automated data entry, reducing duplicated and
inaccurate records

Enabling data to be stored in one place for consolidated reporting
and analysis

“Connected Services represents any digital service that brings
people or devices together in any meaningful way to engage, share,
and transact,” said de Matos.



Analyst Roadshow this week is SYSPRO customer Jaco Maass, GM of IT
and Communications at BKB Ltd., which recently celebrated its 100th
anniversary. BKB operates in domestic and international markets,
and employs more than 1,500 employees and additional 2,000+
seasonal employees. BKB markets products such as wool, grain,
mohair, and livestock; as well as providing shearing and logistic
services. The company has used SYSPRO since 2015, which has
established the foundation for BKB to reinvent itself through
systems as a digital platform for customers.


An avid believer in digital transformation and with a strong
endorsement for SYSPRO’s ERP capabilities supporting Industry 4.0,
Mr. Maass believes that all industries are currently undergoing
massive change. “With our market changing at such a rapid pace, we
knew we had to find ways to alleviate the friction to our
customers when they wanted to do business with us. Industry 4.0
represented a way to bring technology to the farm and into the
hands of our customers to better equip them in dealing with these
changing market forces.


SYSPRO offered us the baseline architecture and the ability to
tightly integrate our supply chain that served as the foundation
for us to deliver the benefits of IoT, AI, and Blockchain at scale
and in way that built trust and provided our customers with new
value,” said Maas.


SYSPRO is a global, independent provider of industry-built ERP
designed to simplify business complexity for manufacturers
and distributors. Focused on delivering optimized performance and
complete business visibility, the SYSPRO solution is highly scalable,
and can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or accessed via a mobile
device. SYSPRO’s strengths lie in a simplified approach to technology,
expertise in a range of industries, and a commitment to future-proofing
customer and partner success.

SYSPRO has more than 15,000 licensed companies in over 60 countries
across six continents. For more information, visit


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