Smart Earth Technologies (SET) AMI Solution Wins Maquoketa, IA

LTE Mass Deployment in Challenging Terrain

CARLSBAD, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AdvancedMeteringInfastructure–Smart Earth Technologies (SET) announces the selection of the SET Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution by the City of Maquoketa, IA.

Alliance Water Resources, the City’s contract water and wastewater operations provider, conducted the SET pilot project. Alliance found SET successfully performed in the city’s challenging terrain where other systems had underperformed.

“I was pleased at how easy it was to pilot the Smart Earth Technologies solution,” stated Alliance’s Jennifer Schwoob. “Maquoketa has an area we call ‘the bowl’ that is traditionally a problem spot for telemetry and data collection projects. We confirmed SET consistently performed in this challenging environment and placed the order for mass deployment.”

The city’s 2,500-unit project contains a mixture of existing and new meters. SET LTE Endpoints are compatible with the multiple meter types in the city’s system and will deliver secure metering and analytics across the service territory.

“The advanced SET software provides insights that drive operating savings. Alliance will have a dramatically improved view of leaks and water usage,” said Schwoob. “As a result, this is really going to help with operations and conservation. The SET hardware is also durable, which is a real asset with our climate.”

SET Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) products include fully integrated, battery-operated, cellular endpoints and valves that operate via LTE network infrastructure. The award-winning cloud software for head-end, Meter Data Management (MDM) includes a Field Mobile Application for installers. As utilities consider the sunset-stage of earlier generation, proprietary AMR/AMI systems, the SET cloud and LTE/5G-based IoT solutions provide a refreshing, infrastructure-free approach to network migration, best-of-class software integration, new use cases, recurring operating savings, and customer satisfaction. The meter-neutral SET solution accommodates multiple meter brands in the same system, designed to meet a utilities’ needs now and in the future. SET is committed to supporting the delivery of a safe and reliable water source.

About Smart Earth Technologies

SET offers a fully integrated AMI platform to the water utility industry. The system includes solutions for LTE-based AMI data acquisition, meter data management, valve control and customer analytics. For more info on Smart Earth Technologies visit


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