Sky Republic Launches Atlas – an Enterprise Blockchain Platform Built to Upgrade B2B Ecosystems

Atlas is engineered to augment or replace EDI, API and other
enterprise technologies to gain end-to-end visibility, reduce business
disruptions and frictions, and improve the digital experience

, an enterprise blockchain company founded by B2B software
veterans, today announced the official launch of its Smart Contract
Platform built to synchronize B2B ecosystems. With Atlas, each smart
contract is powered by a dedicated, permissioned and event driven
blockchain that guarantees performance, confidentiality and
enforceability. Atlas consensus technology uses a unique virtual machine
and proven cryptography that allows each smart contract to be notarized
safely by one of the parties involved or one or multiple third parties
like a blockchain consortium. Business events and records are pushed in
real time through network choreographies to the appropriate recipients.
Recipients can verify them on the fly through their local copy of a
smart contract so they don’t have to blindly trust smart contract
notaries as they would in leading enterprise blockchains.

According to Forrester,
more than 20 billion one-to-one EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
transactions take place annually. However, EDI standards were designed
before the rise of the internet and power many industries including
supply chain, transportation, healthcare and finance. These antiquated
standards fail to synchronize B2B ecosystems end-to-end which leads to
lack of visibility, mitigation disputes and ultimately a loss of money.

“Most enterprises today basically operate with the equivalent of
one-to-one text messaging when they could obviously benefit more from a
secure form of multimedia group messaging,” said Chris Fabre, founder
and CEO of Sky Republic who spent 10 years as CEO of the middleware
company Axway. “We’ve spent three years investing in research and
development for Atlas. Companies need to reduce friction and gain more
visibility into their supply chain to mitigate the impact of
disruptions. Each year, these disruptions generate over $100B in losses
impacting more than 70%
of companies. We know without a doubt that blockchain is emerging as the
clear answer to go beyond EDI and improving B2B ecosystems.”

While blockchain has traditionally been associated with Bitcoin and
Ethereum, which transact digital cash, it has many additional
applications for enterprises. For example, R3 Corda accelerates
financial workflows and Hyperledger Fabric enables document database
sharing. Atlas blockchain was created to truly synchronize B2B
ecosystems by orchestrating and simplifying multi enterprise processes,
creating consensus on all relevant records (e.g. documents, IoT feeds,
or EDI messages) and to fit with existing IT, business and governance
models. Research firm IDC’s
forecast on blockchain
spendings suggests at least a $1 billion
software market by 2022 for currently identified use cases, and new
applications within B2B ecosystems represent a significant opportunity
to match this number on its own.

To implement its vision in air transportation, Sky Republic has
collaborated with SITA, a leader in IT and communications technologies
in the industry, since 2018. The partnership aims at creating solutions
for air cargo, aircraft maintenance and passenger bag domains. SITA
blockchain, powered by Sky Republic’s Atlas platform, won an innovation
award at the IATA 2019 World Cargo Symposium for a solution managing the
chain of custody of aircraft containers.

“We are thrilled with our partnership with Sky Republic and are working
together to build multiple solutions powered by Atlas for the Air
Transportation industry,” said Arnaud Brolly, head of product innovation
portfolio at SITA. “Atlas benefited from Sky Republic’s unique expertise
in blockchain, middleware and B2B solutions and is the perfect platform
to better synchronize supply chains.”

Focused on air transportation and supply chain industries, Sky Republic
is also working on solutions for enterprise customers in healthcare and
finance. Atlas can be used on premise, private or public cloud to
replace or augment existing infrastructures and power new ones.

About Sky Republic

Sky Republic was founded in 2016 by software veterans with decades of
experience delivering world-class middleware products. The company
offers a Smart Contract Platform built to integrate and synchronize B2B
ecosystems beyond traditional EDI, API or other enterprise blockchain
technologies. For more information about Sky Republic, visit


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