RoninX, the World’s First Open-Source Foundation for Decentralized Content Streaming

WAKEFIELD, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Three prominent organizations have announced today the launch of the RoninX Foundation, the first non-profit organization globally to bring together pioneers in camera hardware, streaming content, and blockchain to revolutionize the media and entertainment industry.

With the mission to support the education, advancement and adoption of decentralized content management and streaming, Streamonix, IoTeX, and Videogram have come together as Founding Stewards of this world’s first effort.

The RoninX Foundation will seek to onboard several other Founding Stewards, including camera manufacturers, content studios, and streaming service providers in the coming months.

The foundation has also already developed a new, groundbreaking Web3 network protocol designed from the ground up called Integrated Real-Time Protocol (IRP). In combination with IoTeX’s MachineFi blockchain infrastructure, this provenance, privacy-preserving, and decentralized Glass-to-Glass ecosystem will further develop protocols fitted to real world use cases.

The foundation also seeks to manage governance via a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for transparent and contribution-based ownership of intellectual property.

The following five primary principles will guide the expansion and future efforts of the RoninX Foundation:

1. Comprehensive end-to-end encryption of all packets

2. Ultra-low latency packet transport and management

3. Extreme adaptability, extensibility, and scalability of payloads

4. Strict privacy at the packet level

5. Maximum content integrity and device-based provenance via blockchain

The foundation has set up a sandbox for testing, validation, and evaluation of community-contributed designs and proof of concepts related to decentralized content streaming. And it relies on community outreach and engagement to broaden awareness of next-gen media and blockchain technologies for the budding creator economy.

The foundation, which operates under a flat hierarchy, believes “blockchain technology will accelerate the growth of the media and entertainment space by creating equitable and long-standing value in the content creation, management, and distribution process.”

“We are a non-profit educational foundation that operates with full transparency and believes in open source,” explained the Chair, Anoop Nannra. “We also have a permissive licensing model, which is why we work with Apache and MIT licensing, which essentially allows developers to do whatever they need to or want to with our software.”

Sandeep Casi, the President of RoninX, who has nearly 20 years of experience in the video technology industry, explained that RoninX is designing and developing an open-source glass-to-glass (creation-to-viewing or end-to-end) protocol to enable decentralized 8K resolution streaming. He also said they are creating substantial file transfers into decentralized storage.

“Web1 and Web2 protocols are not designed for the real-time transport of bandwidth-intensive media streaming or storage payloads,” Bradley Hankinson, Streaming Technology Liaison for RoninX Foundation explained. “The new wave of next-generation internet applications (Web3), also known as decentralized applications like metaverse, mixed (MR), virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) realities, and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) demand innovation of the protocols for online P2P streaming, storage, and distribution.”

The Stewards and Partners

Three fast-growing and like-minded tech firms, each in their sector, teamed up to bring the RoninX Foundation to fruition, while others will join shortly.

Streamonix is a leading data center that uses its proprietary and patented media streaming Operating System, dubbed the SX9000. A single SX9000 replaces hundreds of conventional servers — a mesh of SX9000s exceeds the streaming performance of multiple Data Centers. This resolves the current issue with Cloud Computing and Data Center technologies that are financially and environmentally unsustainable.

IoTeX, a leading decentralized network powering the future of Web3, has built a game-changing MachineFi framework that provides a vast suite of technologies for connecting the physical world to the metaverse with the innovative combination of blockchain and IoT. The integration of IRP with the MachineFi framework enables end-to-end secure distributions of streaming content in the metaverse.

Founded in 2012 and with a mission to change the way online visual media is consumed and monetized, Videogram provides robust and flexible technology for enabling discovery, driving engagement, analyzing audience behavior, and maximizing revenue. It also helps with video aggregation strategies across all screens, devices, and online video networks effortlessly.


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