Radisys Unveils New Advanced Speech Recognition Support for Enhanced In-Call Speech Services

Radisys’ MediaEngine solution reduces cost of deploying
speech-enabled services by more than 90%
; Allows CSPs to
capitalize on mass market acceptance of person-to-application
interaction via speech

, a global leader of open telecom solutions, today
announced new features for its MediaEngine virtualized media server to
enable advanced in-call services, allowing Communication Service
Providers (CSPs) to implement speech recognition interfaces at
dramatically lower costs than previous solutions. These new features
allow CSPs to accelerate new speech-driven service introductions by
utilizing off-the-shelf Intel® Architecture servers, advanced
media processing with MediaEngine, and a combination of advanced speech
processing engines, to significantly lower OpEx and CapEx, all within a
well-defined open API framework.

News Highlights

  • Speech-enabled interfaces have become preferred user interfaces on
    phones, smart speakers, and home IoT devices. As a result, users now
    expect speech support for a growing variety of applications including
    in-call personal assistants, contact center communications, automated
    bot interactions and more. However, “in-call” speech recognition
    solutions to date have been primarily limited to call centers as a
    replacement for IVR (touch tone) applications. Cloud-based solutions
    that support in-call speech enablement require extensive and costly
    hardware, and one-size-fits-all natural language speech recognition
    engines, making scalable deployment of network-based speech-enabled
    applications expensive for high-volume applications.
  • Radisys’ MediaEngine offers new features that enable CSPs to overcome
    the challenges associated with the traditional in-call speech-enabled
    applications, and deploy innovative new solutions, including enhanced
    customer service or application navigation (like in-conference
    commands for more hands-free capability), or to develop new revenue
    streams by using speech analytics to build actionable customer
    engagements. These new features include:

    • Embedded in media server key word detection delivers a small
      footprint key word or key phrase speech recognition engine,
      allowing for an “always on” solution that reduces costs of
      deploying speech enabled services by over 90%.
    • Integrated support for multi-vendor best-in-class server based
      in-network or cloud speech platforms for advanced speech
      interactions including natural language conversational
      recognition, and text-to-speech processing, allowing service
      providers to pick the best technology for their particular use
    • Voice Quality Enhancements (VQE) to overcome telecom network or
      environmental conditions that can reduce in-call recognition
  • Radisys’ MediaEngine software with embedded real-time advanced speech
    processing and media analytics allows CSPs to create, deliver and
    monetize new applications by delivering cost-effective advanced
    technologies that were previously cost prohibitive for many innovative

“As speech technology has evolved, there are a growing number of
opportunities for service providers to develop network-based
speech-enabled applications that will drive new revenues,” said Sue
Rudd, Director of Networks and Service Platforms, at Strategy Analytics.
“Radisys has added some very innovative features that will allow service
providers to introduce a range of cost effective, scalable, hosted
solutions from conference call add-ons, to call center services and
analytics and even IoT triggered voice. This approach enables service
providers to add significant value with mass market ‘in-call’ speech
recognition services at significantly lower cost.”

“With the continued drive toward more speech-enabled devices and
services, CSPs are well positioned to address the gap in in-call speech
solutions,” said Al Balasco, vice president, MediaEngine, Radisys.
“Radisys’ MediaEngine’s integrated speech recognition capabilities
enable service providers to overcome the cost, complexity and quality
challenges associated with traditional in-call speech-enabled services,
while adding complementary media processing features for advanced
applications and services using open APIs.”

Meet with Radisys at MWC 2019

Radisys will showcase MediaEngine’s in-network real time in-call speech
recognition and media analytic innovations in its booth in Hall 5, Stand
5I61 during Mobile World Congress, February 25-28 in Barcelona. To see
the technology demonstrations, or to meet with Radisys’ media processing
experts to learn more, contact [email protected].


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