Northeast Group Again Names Telensa as Global #1 in Smart Street Lighting

5th edition of IoT study shows street lighting to lead smart cities
market with $50.4bn predicted investment by 2028

CAMBRIDGE, England–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Telensa today announced that it has been named as the global market
share leader in smart street lighting in Northeast Group’s Global Smart
Street Lighting & Smart Cities: Market Forecast (2019-2028). This is the
5th edition of the study that has become the industry standard for
research on the global smart street lighting market.

Since the last study, Telensa now counts over 100 smart street lighting
deployments covering more than 400 cities, regions and enterprises
across the world. Highlights include:

  • Georgia Power, one of the largest and most innovative smart
    streetlight deployments in the world
  • Smart city sensor deployments with Essex and Hertfordshire in the UK,
    and the City of Harrisburg in the US
  • Significant new city deployments including Edinburgh, Wellington,
    Darwin and Hong Kong
  • Further projects underway in countries including in Canada, Poland,
    Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and Brazil.

The world’s 300+ million streetlights are undergoing a profound
transformation. Until recently, they were a largely ignored segment of
the municipal infrastructure market. Now they are suddenly part of a
dynamic market, comprising LED conversions, smart (connected) nodes and
smart city sensors. This is set to create a $50.4 billion market
opportunity over the next decade.

Research for the study included a bottom up analysis to size the
streetlight market for each of the 125 countries covered and determine
the status of LED conversions and smart streetlight deployments. A key
finding was that there are now over 11 million connected streetlights
globally, with projects developing in all regions. Smart streetlights
have developed alongside LED conversions, which are now the standard in
much of the world. These connected streetlights will form the backbone
for larger smart city programs, as cities look to add smart parking,
environmental sensors, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, traffic
monitoring, and other applications producing new urban data streams.

“LED and smart street lighting projects have always represented enormous
efficiency opportunities for cities, with savings typically reaching
over 65%,” said Chris Testa, research director at Northeast
“Cities and utilities are also beginning to realize the new
revenue opportunities that are possible. Additional smart city
infrastructure can be added to streetlights, with cities monetizing
attachment rights to telecom operators and also creating revenue
potential through emerging urban data marketplaces.”

“We’re delighted Northeast Group has once again recognised Telensa as
the global market leader in connected street lighting” said Will
Gibson, Founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Telensa.
“We’ve been
working with cities and utilities for more than a decade to transform
street lighting infrastructure into an energy-efficient service that
responds to citizen’s evolving needs. Now we’re taking lighting-based
sensors past the pilot stage to become the main data provider for
tomorrow’s data-driven cities.”

An excerpt of the report can be downloaded here.
The full report is available from

About Telensa

Telensa makes wireless smart city applications, helping cities around
the world save energy, work smarter and deliver more joined-up services
for their citizens. Telensa PLANet is the world’s most deployed smart
streetlight solution, with a footprint of 1.7 million lights. Building
on the compelling business case for its smart street lighting, the
company provides cities and utilities with an open, low-cost platform to
add multiple sensor applications. Working with Microsoft, Samsung and
Qualcomm technologies in the Urban
Data Project
, Telensa is helping cities to build future-proof
operations driven by data intelligence, trust and transparency. Telensa
is based in Cambridge in the UK, with regional operations in the USA and


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