Monnit Advanced Vibration Meter Wins in 2019 LEAP Awards

High-performance IoT Sensor Recognized for Engineering Excellence

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DesignEngineering–Monnit Corporation’s Advanced Vibration Meter (AVM) won the bronze medal in Design World’s LEAP Awards for the “Switches & Sensors” category.

“The LEAP Awards recognize engineering excellence and celebrate innovations that increase industrial safety and efficiency,” said Brad Walters, Monnit CEO. “This prestigious recognition validates the ingenuity and effort that our engineers and US production staff contributed to making the AVM best-of-breed.”

Bronze Award: Switches & Sensors

Versatility helped the Advanced Vibration Meter (AVM) claim the bronze. The Check Engine Light for machinery, the AVM boasts a configurable measurement range (0.4 Hz–4,800 Hz/24 RPM–288,000 RPM). The US-made AVM uses an accelerometer to report vibration acceleration, velocity, displacement, or acceleration peak, frequency (Hz/RPM), and crest factor on all three axes. AVM also reports duty cycle and temperature.

Beyond remotely monitoring high-RPM machinery, the AVM has many applications. Logistics firms can measure impact when ship strikes dock, and civil engineers can monitor seismic impact on buildings or the subtle sway of bridges. The AVM’s data enables preemptive servicing and deeper insights into operation and life cycle.

A Standard Bearer

A flagship of Monnit’s ALTA Platform, the AVM’s range, capabilities and battery life helped distinguish it from competing devices. The ALTA platform has 3–4 times the typical range, extending non-line-of-sight reach to 1,200+ feet through 12+ walls. Frequency-hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) gives ALTA sensors greater interference immunity and superior power management provides 12+ years of battery life.

About the LEAP Awards

The LEAP Awards recognizes superior components and services across the mechanical and electrical engineering design space. An independent panel of engineering professionals selects gold, silver, and bronze medalists in 13 categories. Products are evaluated on a broad range of criteria, including product purpose, application scope, problems solved, the design process, and customer Beta testing. Design World, Fluid Power World, and EE World support The LEAP Awards.

About Monnit Corporation

Monnit is the industry-leading innovator in developing self-installed, cost-effective wireless sensor solutions for commercial and industrial markets. Enterprise and SMB customers use Monnit sensors to remotely monitor 70+ variables (including temperature, motion, humidity and vibration) and receive alerts based on user-defined conditions. Products are fully tested for use anywhere in the world; they are FCC, CE and IC compliant. Find your Monnit monitoring solution at


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