MediMizer Healthcare CMMS and Asimily IoMT Integrate to Address Operating Technology Cybersecurity Risks

Inventory identification, risk prioritization and utilization integrated with real-time data and workflow orchestration platform for medical device cybersecurity risk mitigation

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MediMizer today announced the availability of its integration with Asimily Insight for cybersecurity. The joint solution automates the discovery of connected inventory and the challenging process of creating and maintaining a single, trusted medical device inventory.

The integrated solutions provide the ability to identify and classify connected medical device on the network along with new and modern capabilities to prioritize at-risk devices and within it, the most critical vulnerabilities. Asimily provides passive monitoring for real-time threat detection and actionable intelligence for healthcare technology management and security operations teams to work together for rapid remediation of known vulnerabilities and threats. The bi-directional integration enriches Asimily’s machine learning capabilities using rich contextual medical device data. MediMizer benefits from real-time security incident information to drive the cybersecurity remediation workflows.

“Our customers can rely on Asimily’s capabilities to deliver critical cybersecurity capabilities to identify, evaluate, prioritize, and mitigate vulnerabilities and protect connected devices and other important operational insights into their critical infrastructure. Our Mission is to keep the connected device fleet safe and reliably utilized to ensure better patient outcomes,” said Consti Fernandes, VP of Engineering, Asimily. “Our integration with MediMizer allows customers to turn insight from the platform into action by enabling the healthcare system to instantly react to and remediate security threats targeting their connected device fleet.”

The threat of cyberattacks against medical and IoT devices is massive and exponentially increasing risk for healthcare systems. Gartner estimates that the number of medical devices that will need to be “hardened” by healthcare systems will increase 45% by 2020.1 In the absence of a solution like this, healthcare systems will need to cobble together a patchwork of tools and manual processes comprising multiple and disparate systems-of-record, naming convention mismatches that will introduce friction and risk to their ability to effectively combat cyber threats.

“We believe cybersecurity is a key part of any medical device management plan. The key to risk management is having the right solutions that address all facets of the problem,” said Mark Woodruff, CTO MediMizer. “Our integration with Asimily provides cybersecurity capabilities that deliver on the promise of keeping connected devices safe and reliable, protect patients and allow HTM departments the tools to shield the healthcare system from the liabilities and exposures resulting from cybersecurity exploits.”

About Asimily

Asimily is a leading provider of an Internet of Medical Things risk management platform. Asimily’s IoMT risk remediation holistically secures the mission-critical healthcare devices that deliver safe and reliable care. Asimily provides actionable intelligence and integrates with various network security systems to optimize workflows and bridge gaps between healthcare technology management and information technology. Asimily is working with healthcare systems of different sizes across the country. Privately held and founded in 2017, Asimily is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA.

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About MediMizer

MediMizer Software is an independent biomedical and facilities software company that developed the leading computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) used for clinical engineering, biomedical engineering, facilities, environmental departments in hospitals as well as the biomedical service organizations that service hospitals. MediMizer was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Encinitas, Ca. For more information, visit:


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