MachNation’s Independent IoT Testing Platform Affirms the Reliability and Scalability of 1NCE’s Enterprise-grade Software

  • The most trusted testing and benchmarking firm for IoT platforms used Tempest, its proprietary testing software, to review 1NCE’s scalability and performance
  • Tempest results show 1NCE OS has “some of the best self-recovering code we have seen in the industry” with 99.999% data delivery reliability
  • 1NCE OS is primed to disrupt the IoT software industry with complimentary tools for customers of the company’s global Lifetime Flat connectivity service

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#IoTMachNation, a global leader in testing and benchmarking Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, has completed a comprehensive evaluation of the newest IoT software from 1NCE, a global IoT connectivity and software company.

1NCE engaged MachNation’s Tempest to provide independent analysis of the resiliency, reliability, and quality of 1NCE OS, its enterprise-grade IoT software that’s available complimentary to customers using the company’s Lifetime Flat connectivity. In 2018, 1NCE set out to address the gap in the marketplace for low-data IoT use cases, which is estimated to be as high as 80 percent of all IoT projects. In 2023, the company expanded its software business with the launch of 1NCE OS, which was designed to deliver powerful IoT software tools that accelerate customers’ time-to-market without vendor lock-in or paying for unnecessary features packaged into most IoT platforms.

MachNation conducted a variety of tests that realistically simulate connected devices using 1NCE’s software to process tens of millions of data messages to customers’ cloud accounts. MachNation’s Tempest tested 1NCE OS using multiple protocols: CoAP (for low-data, low-power devices) and CoAP with DTLS security (for low-data, low-power devices with encryption).

In the latest test, in March 2023, 1NCE OS was observed to reliably allow the delivery of binary-encoded payloads to the cloud up to 750 messages per second (the equivalent to one message being sent by all 10,000 testing devices every 13.3 seconds) with a 0.000685 percent failure rate.

And for JSON-encoded payloads, 1NCE OS reliably delivers up to 1,000 messages per second (the equivalent to one message being sent by all 10,000 testing devices every 10 seconds) with a failure rate of 0.000442 percent. Both types of payloads offer five nines of reliability (99.999%).

For enterprises that place the strongest emphasis on security, the addition of Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) is a must for any connected device, but issues frequently happen with data leakage and slow performance. In Tempest testing, MachNation determined that the application of DTLS, combined with the use of binary instead of text payloads, would have minimal impact on latency to the cloud.

Steve Hilton, Co-Founder at MachNation, said: “1NCE OS software demonstrates enterprise-grade reliability and scalability for IoT devices, especially devices speaking useful protocols like CoAP. It has some of the best self-recovering code we have seen in the industry.”

Ivo Rook, Chief Operating Officer at 1NCE: “With 1NCE OS, our software team set out to deliver clever tools that make IoT easier to use. MachNation’s testing results validate our work. It proves that we’re onto something big with our approach to exposing data to our customers and enabling them to manage the lifecycle of their connected products.”

One of 1NCE’s core principles is that customer data isn’t to be monetized and used to sell additional services. Instead, the company is transparent about giving control of data back to its customers with 1NCE OS tools, including:

  • Device Authentication – delivering better authentication and integration of uniquely identified devices into IoT projects.
  • IoT Integrator – connecting devices to the cloud with reliability and flexibility.
  • Device Inspector – reducing the time-intensive and costly process of truck roll, sending technicians into the field to monitor and service devices.
  • Device Locator – offering network-based positioning of devices without GPS.
  • Energy Saver – optimizing payload transmission to increase battery life by up to 50 percent.

1NCE OS is an integral part of the 1NCE Lifetime Flat service and its industry-disruptive but simple promise: for $10/€10, customers can deploy, connect, and manage IoT sensors across the world for as little as a dollar per year per device. More information about 1NCE OS can be found here and customers can get started with 1NCE at the online shop and AWS Marketplace. Customer support is available in 14 languages.

**Note: Performance testing results provided in this press release are based on IoT performance testing completed with MachNation Tempest as of March 2023. Test results are provided as-is. MachNation disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this testing information, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

About MachNation

MachNation is exclusively dedicated to testing and benchmarking Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, end-to-end solutions, and services. MachNation conducts IoT performance and scalability testing with Tempest, the industry’s first end-to-end IoT solution simulator. MachNation also owns and runs MIT-E, an independent, hands-on, benchmarking lab for IoT platforms. MachNation testers, developers, and analysts provide guidance to industrial enterprises, the world’s leading IT vendors, and communication service providers. MachNation participates in many of the world’s most exclusive IoT events and contributes regularly to leading IoT trade publications and business press. Learn more online and follow on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

About 1NCE

1NCE is the only connectivity and software company providing IoT at a lifetime global flat rate. Our mission is to deliver true cross-border, future-proof IoT without uncertainty or hassle over the lifetime of a device. In 150+ countries, 1NCE turns connectivity into electricity ready for consumption – opening the world of IoT to innovators who will dramatically improve the environment, cities, healthcare, public safety, the supply chain and more. The company, founded in 2017 by CEO Alexander P. Sator together with Deutsche Telekom AG, is headquartered in Cologne, Germany and has 300+ staff across 20 countries. Learn more online and follow on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


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