Lynk Files for FCC License to Enable Global Mobile Connectivity

Commercial Service Using Lynk’s “Cell Towers in Space” Constellation to Start Next Year

FALLS CHURCH, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#IoT–Lynk Global Inc., the world’s only independently verified space-based mobile network connectivity provider, today announced that it has filed for a commercial operator’s license with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Commercial service is expected to begin around the world starting next year upon FCC approval. The startup’s patented technology will eventually allow anyone with an existing cell phone to stay connected, anywhere in the world, at all times. Most importantly, Lynk’s system requires no changes to the phone. The existing phone in your pocket will work.

Charles Miller, CEO of Lynk, “Lynk is introducing a brand-new, never-been-done-before service—satellite-direct-to-standard-phones. As an American company, we are fortunate to have the FCC, whose process is trusted by officials around the world, to license our satellites. We believe that being good corporate citizens means at every point in the process you must be rigorous—whether it is eliminating harmful interference or minimizing orbital debris. Because using cellular frequencies from space has never been done before, we believe that being licensed by the FCC will help regulators worldwide embrace this groundbreaking technology.”

Lynk’s initial commercial license application intentionally uses the FCC’s new streamlined process for up to 10 small satellites to accelerate the license. Previous applications suggest this streamlined process will take 10-12 months, allowing Lynk to begin global service next year. This is the first step in Lynk’s plans for a larger constellation that will grow to several thousand satellites to begin continuous global service in 2025.

Ultimately, Lynk’s full constellation will reach 5,000 satellites to provide broadband speeds to your phone. Using a low-risk development approach, Lynk will integrate some of the most advanced space sustainability methods today to prevent and mitigate orbital debris and is actively advocating within industry and government to develop stronger orbital debris mitigation approaches for tomorrow.

In February 2020, with the help of NASA and mobile network operators (MNO), Lynk sent the world’s first text message from a satellite in orbit to a standard mobile phone on the ground. Lynk has also signed contracts with the U.S. Air Force and the U.K. Space Agency to support development of the Lynk system.

To date, Lynk has signed dozens of testing agreements with MNOs. Miller noted, “There is a huge amount of interest in Lynk’s service … we actually have too many testing partners at this time. To manage this demand and ensure the highest quality testing protocols and commercial service, we are implementing a “Flagship Carrier” program. Under this program, we will be limiting initial commercial services to, at most, a dozen mobile network operators globally.

In partnership with mobile network operators, Lynk will provide a global service for the 5.2 billion existing cell phone users globally. Further, many of the 2.5 billion people currently without phones will be connected to global society and economy, materially improving their lives. Lynk will provide an instantaneous backup emergency communications layer everywhere on Earth.

We have seen cellular systems destroyed worldwide due to hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, and terrorism. Lynk will enable people to receive emergency alerts and contact 911 for help even when the ground network is not operating. Emergency responders will benefit from increased resiliency to coordinate their efforts, saving lives everywhere.

About Lynk:

Lynk Global Inc. is a mobile technology company focused on providing universal connectivity for mobile phones and the world’s only independently verified space-based mobile network provider. The company’s patented technology allows standard mobile phones to be connected virtually anywhere via the organization’s low-earth-orbit satellites without any change to hardware or software. Headquartered in Falls Church, VA., Lynk’s leadership, and engineering teams are comprised of experts in aeronautical engineering, space flight and policy, and wireless technologies. Follow us at or via LinkedIn.


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