Lisa Cini Announces the Latest Exercise Technology for Aging Adults

Promoting safe workouts, balance, pain relief and cognition

COLUMBUS, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lisa Cini, a renowned expert in aging in place design, announces the latest 5 exercise equipment designs to reduce impact and the risk of injury, support joints, assist with cognition and balance, increase blood flow and pain relief, and help with age related ailments from Parkinson’s to arthritis.

  1. Ecore offers a dynamic twist to the gym with their Forest Rx and FITturf flooring surfaces and TRU™ technology is ideal for reducing impact and the risk of injury, supporting joints, and mitigating noise.
  2. Smartfit, designed for pro athletes, offers a dual-tasking gamification machine that assists with cognition, balance, and recovery.
  3. Lifetime Vibe, based on NASA technology, provides a safe vibration plate that increases balance and helps with many senior-related ailments from Parkinson’s to arthritis.
  4. Healthmate Sauna outfits the space with a seated infrared sauna that allows your head to stick out of the sauna so you can read or enjoy your tablet while getting the benefits of increased blood flow and pain relief.
  5. Tape by Ever Life Designs and Tonal are all senior-friendly and help to promote safe workouts, balance, and cognition. The Hu Spa includes a massage room and hot and cold plunge pools to increase circulation reduce joint pain and arthritis and help with the immune system.

As founder and CEO of Mosaic Design Studio, Cini has been at the forefront of aging in place design for over 27 years. Her firm specializes in creating custom home and assisted living environments that support aging, while promoting safety, comfort, and style.

“Incorporating technology into home design can be a game-changer for seniors who want to maintain their independence,” says Cini. “By incorporating the latest tech into home design, we can create spaces that are not only functional and comfortable but also intelligent and responsive. There’s enormous potential in emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT). By incorporating sensors and other smart devices throughout the home, we can create a truly connected environment that can anticipate the needs of its occupants and respond accordingly.”

Smart home systems can allow seniors to control their environment with voice commands or remote controls, making it easier to adjust lighting, temperature, and security. Motion-sensing lights and automated blinds can also provide an added layer of convenience and safety, particularly for those with mobility issues.

“Technology is not a one-size-fits-all solution,” adds Cini. “Each home and resident has unique needs and preferences, which is why its important to take a personalized approach to aging in place design that is practical and effective.”

Cini invites short term Airbnb guests to try out the latest gym and spa technology at The Werner House an Infinite Living Collaboration, in Columbus Ohio. For more information about The Werner House and to book reservations visit or call 614-701-7252.

About Lisa Cini

Lisa Cini is an award-winning senior living designer, President/CEO of Mosaic Design Studio, and author of three books: Boom: The Baby Boomers’ Guide to Preserving Your Freedom and Thriving as You Age in Place Hive; The Simple Guide to Multi-generational Living and The Future is Here: Senior Living Re-imagined. Lisa’s web site provides information about Cini, her books and more. Her site offers tech products that help seniors embrace aging and live independently.


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