Laurence Innovation Announces New Investments for its Fund I Portfolio: Accelerate 3D, Fission, and Lumenora

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#3DprintingLaurence Innovation, a pre-seed investment fund with a focus on early-stage tech companies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) verticals, announces the addition of Accelerate 3D, Lumenora, and Fission to its Fund I pilot portfolio.

Currently, Laurence Innovation is deploying its Fund I program to complete development of the primary systems of its investment thesis, a distribution which simultaneously minimizes risk and maximizes the ability to identify and partner with innovative early stage companies.

  • Accelerate 3D: Accelerate 3D is a company that represents the future of manufacturing in the United States. It uses high-speed 3D printing to make specialized, on-demand production a possibility for companies of all sizes.
  • Lumenora: Lumenora is enhancing Human Capability (TM) and using generations of experience to create the world’s first True AR & True VR (TM) device.
  • Fission: Fission is a local-first platform that allows developers to build full edge apps with front-end tools. By giving developers a decentralized, fully encrypted edge computing solution, Fission will help them build secure apps capable of meeting the evolving needs of consumers who expect far more from their apps than ever before.

“We invested in these companies because they are solving big problems with 4IR technologies with real applications,” says Tiana Laurence, General Partner at Laurence Innovation. “All three companies have women in leadership and are high-tech, which is inline with our core priority – to have a robust portfolio of companies founded and led by women, under-capitalized entrepreneurs and geographies.”

“We are always excited to see people willing to take chances and we can’t wait to work with Laurence Innovation as we revolutionize American manufacturing through affordable 3D printing,” says Riley Knox, Co-founder & CEO of Accelerate 3D.

About Laurence Innovation

Laurence Innovation is a pre-seed investment fund uniquely sourcing tech companies – particularly in Fourth Industrial Revolution fields such as AI, IoT, and biotech – and giving them access to capital and an intensive digital incubation program at the earliest stages of their development. By focusing on a higher number of early-stage companies and providing the resources they need to scale with our incubator program, Laurence Innovation limits risk and reduces costs for our investors while supporting a wider and more diverse range of founders. Laurence Innovation is disrupting the status quo in venture capital – we’re building partnerships with the people who are driving the 4IR and who have been overlooked by traditional investors.


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