Kelzal Perception Appliances Leverage Proprietary Novel Third Generation Neural Network Technology to Solve Key Data and Decision Making Hurdles for Security, Retail, and Autonomous Vehicle Sectors

$3 Million Seed Financing Round Secured and Led by Motus Ventures for
Commercialization and Deployment

a San Diego-based startup developing novel neural networks and vision
sensor technology, today announced its seed financing and
commercialization strategy for its new product line — the Ultra-Low
Power and Ultra-Fast Perception Appliances™. The vast majority of camera
sensors are frame-based. AI engineers pair these cameras with
convolutional neural networks to achieve perception solutions that can
identify and classify objects such as people and vehicles. This
combination requires extremely expensive and power hungry CPUs/GPUs
while yielding slow response times – unacceptable for edge intelligence.
The Kelzal event-based vision devices combined with third generation
neural networks offers fast low power perception – well suited for
mobile robots and surveillance applications in remote locations. The
company is backed by $3 million of seed financing led by Motus

The increasingly sophisticated needs from sensors, driven by the
security and monitoring, retail/property surveillance and autonomous
vehicle industries, require greater acumen than current commercial
offerings are able to provide. Contemporary frame-based computer vision
systems rely on inordinate amounts of power and computing capability to
process largely unused data, and yet still cannot guarantee the
split-second accuracy needed for crucial decision making. Nor can they
operate in complex scenarios.

These are things that are hard to do with current recognition systems,”
said Olivier Coenen, CTO, Founder & Interim CEO, Kelzal. “Scenes with a
lot of similar movement or difficult lighting, and the ability to
discern between objects are common hurdles. These challenges are holding
back advancements in entire industries.”

Kelzal’s core technology is an “event-based” sensor that only tracks
changes in a scene — all that’s needed to assess a situation for
critical imaging. The appliances allow for rapid decision making at 100x
the frame rate of a camera, while transmitting less data and consuming
exponentially less power.

Accuracy and response times are critical for the AI solutions that are
redefining businesses in these industries,” said Jim DiSanto, Executive
Chairman, Kelzal and Managing Partner, Motus Ventures. “For those
applications requiring fast, accurate, and energy efficient visual
perception, Kelzal’s Perception Appliances will enable true edge
intelligence without data center compute power.”

As part of this funding, Gioia Messinger, former Founder and CEO of
Avaak, Inc. (NYSE: ARLO) inventor of the most popular wirefree battery
operated cameras for the Smart Home, joins the Kelzal board of directors
and participates daily as an executive consultant.

Kelzal’s visual sensors include:

Ultra-FAST Perception Appliance™ — With object recognition and
classification capabilities within few milliseconds, fast enough to
detect and track a speeding bullet, the Ultra-FAST Perception Appliance™
is ideal for enabling autonomy (e.g. autonomous vehicles and robots).

Ultra-Low Power Perception Appliance™ — Able to run on a single
battery with comparable accuracy and speed, the Ultra-Low Power
Perception Appliance™ can be used for surveillance, and retail
automation and analysis.

Kelzal’s commercial development is underway through the support of its
$3 million of seed financing led by Motus Ventures, a venture capital
fund focused on the intersection of transportation, smart infrastructure
and the Internet of Things.


Kelzal is a leading developer of third generation neural-network-powered
vision sensors for high performance object and activity recognition, at
ultra-low power. Onboard AI systems mimic the human brain, processing
visual data within milliseconds, in more light conditions than any
existing technology. The technology is ideal for use in surveillance,
autonomous vehicles and mobile robots. For more information, visit


Motus Ventures is a seed stage venture capital fund and business
accelerator focusing on AI, Robotics and IoT across several of the
world’s largest industries including Transportation, Telecommunications,
Commercial Real Estate, Agriculture and Industrial Manufacturing. Motus
provides value-added services to help launch new businesses which
originate from: university researchers and scientists who have a new
promising technology and desire to form a startup company, entrepreneurs
in the field who need resources and money, and spin outs from larger
transportation related businesses. For more information, visit


Sean Lenehan
Antenna Group for Kelzal
[email protected]

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