Inter-Blockchain’s GAME+NFT+DeFi Integrated Application Ecology NEXTYPE was Launched, Which May Define the New Form of Next-Generation Blockchain Games


SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In the game industry, it is always a question of how to make games more interesting. Hence, combining games with new technologies should be ideal. In fact, from the CryptoKitties to all kinds of blockchain games nowadays, the combination of game and blockchain technology has never stopped.

Under this background, NEXTYPE is established for defining the new form of the next generation blockchain game. NEXTYPE is a cross-chain GAME+NFT+DeFi integrated application ecology, which means NEXTYPE not only needs to complete the underlying technical support, but also provide an ecological platform for partners to participate in.

Games Matrix in Multi-dimension

As the first game of NEXTYPE, Mining Tycoon is based on the development of traditional games, which uses the core game method of virtual mining. In addition to NT reward, mining will also produce other buff props, such as mining license, which is an essential prop to participate in the BTC mining pool. Players can collect and stake the mining license to mine BTC every day.

NEXTYPE will also launch 8-10 self-developed games in this year and cooperate with at least 10 games to create NEXTYPE games matrix.

High-performance Cross-chain Protocols

The prosperity of the ecology needs stable and convenient infrastructure. In terms of stability, HECO and BSC, as well as ETH layer 2 and ETH 2.0, have brought revolutionary changes to the blockchain games. In terms of convenience, NEXTYPE has developed NVEP (NFT Value Exchange Protocol) and NCCP (NFT Cross-Chain Protocol) to solve NFT transaction difficulty.

Moreover, the smart contracts of NEXTYPE have been audited by CERTIK.

Resource Integration from Multi PartyP

NEXTYPE has reached strategic cooperation with a well-known Japanese company, SeeSea, and Quaras, a subsidiary of Fuji Media, which means NEXTYPE has made a good start in Japan IP markets. Besides, NEXTYPE has been formally invited to join the BGA (Blockchain Game Alliance).

And the CMO of NEXTYPE, Uncle David, who has over 20 million fans on the global video sharing apps, said he will promote the global pre-launch campaign.


Company Name: NEXTYPE

Contact Person: Sia Huang

Email:[email protected]

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