Flex and Innit Collaborate with Google Cloud to Enable the Next Generation of Smart Kitchen Appliances

Full-stack solution enables IoT 2.0 features, upgradeable products,
modern controls and interoperability across kitchen appliances

SAN JOSE, Calif. & REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Flex and Innit, in collaboration with Google Cloud, today announced a
solution to power smart kitchen appliances, enabling seamless
connectivity, built-in security, upgradeability and interoperability
“out of the box.” This pre-integrated, fully tested suite of solutions
is designed for makers of appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, cook
tops, smart cookers and blenders to add modern interactive controls,
connect different products using Google Cloud, and utilize the Innit
platform to reinvent the food preparation process and deliver
restaurant-quality experiences in the comfort of home.

To power these capabilities across a variety of kitchen appliances
including ovens, refrigerators, cooktops, smart cookers and blenders,
the three companies designed a pre-integrated, fully tested suite of
solutions for appliance manufacturers, aimed at reducing the cost of
adding new connected capabilities.

Flex has introduced a new line of standardized IoT and human interface
modules, backed by award-winning manufacturing services. Google Cloud
contributes its leading AI, voice, security, IoT cloud connectivity
services, and the new Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) artificial
intelligence chips for smart devices. Innit’s platform connects devices
and services into a compelling consumer experience, orchestrating
multiple brands of appliances to prepare meals with personalized
nutrition, step-by-step video guidance and customized, automated cooking
programs tailored to each device.

Until now, appliance manufacturers have been forced to assemble their
own hardware and software components to create smart devices,” said
Kevin Brown, CEO and co-founder at Innit. “The Flex-Innit-Google Cloud
solution provides a powerful platform to build programmable, upgradeable
appliances with differentiated features quickly and cost-effectively,
with instant connectivity to the cloud and a rich network of food and
technology partners.”

This Flex-Innit-Google solution integrates hardware, software, cloud
and partner ecosystems, and can enable rapid development of products
that come alive with connectivity to top brands and advanced services,”
said Dave Gonsiorowski, vice president of Innovation Services at Flex.
There’s a tremendous opportunity for this technology to help consumers
simplify the process of cooking world-class meals at home.”

The next generation of IoT 2.0 functionality in the kitchen appliance
market promises to bring much richer orchestration, including
personalized settings, post-sale software-upgradeable features and
interoperability of devices from different vendors with an intuitive,
unified consumer experience.

In a world of accelerating development cycles, appliance manufacturers
need solutions to rapidly integrate connectivity, security, analytics,
and partners so they can focus on core differentiation,” said Antony
Passemard, head of product management for Cloud IoT at Google Cloud.
The Flex-Innit-Google Cloud solution enables devices to instantly
connect to Google Cloud Platform and access a wide variety of services,
ensuring consumers have a great experience and manufacturers can offer
their customers better experiences, support and product innovation.”

In contrast to simple tasks like turning on a light bulb, smart kitchen
appliances need to support sophisticated, precise actions that can be
pre-programmed and adapted to a wide variety of foods, with coordination
across different appliances. This new solution offers the following

  • Streamlined connectivity for IoT devices
  • Enhanced end-to-end IoT security
  • Cloud services and device identity management for millions of
  • Software-upgradeable features for purchase
  • Rich content and adaptive cook programs tailored to get the most out
    of each device
  • Orchestration of heterogeneous appliances within a multi-step cooking
  • Personalized and context-driven voice/video interactions


The joint Flex-Innit-Google Cloud solution was showcased in private
demos at CES 2019 in Las Vegas to leading small and large appliance
manufacturers and is available for pilot implementations.


Flex (NASDAQ: FLEX) is the Sketch-to-Scale® solutions provider that
designs and builds intelligent products globally. With approximately
200,000 employees across 30 countries, Flex provides innovative design,
engineering, manufacturing, real-time supply chain insight and logistics
services to companies of all sizes across industries and markets. For
more information, visit
or follow us on Twitter @flexintl.


Silicon Valley-based Innit has developed the world’s first Connected
Food Platform, which simplifies the entire food journey for consumers.
Realizing and leading the vision of the connected kitchen, Innit is a
centralized hub that integrates a disjointed food system by focusing on
the way individuals want to eat. Combining the strengths of its
partners’ products and services with its platform, Innit provides a
personalized, connected, and confidence-building consumer experience
across the eating ritual. For more information visit www.innit.com.


For Flex:
Brian Kemp
(408) 577-2336
[email protected]

For Innit:
Yulimar Chiu
[email protected]

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