D-Dub Software Releases Controversial Adult Video Game BoneCraft on Steam Platform

The indie developer’s titles are the first to combine RPG gameplay
with adult content, and until recently were banned on Steam, the world’s
largest PC video game distributor.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–D-Dub Software is bringing adult gaming to the mainstream with the
release of their adult sci-fi/fantasy RPG, BoneCraft, on Valve
Corporation’s Steam platform. This opens the debate as to appropriate
content in video games.

“Adult games create controversy because people assume video games are
for kids,” says Sam Stewart, marketing director at D-Dub Software. “But
the average gamer is 34 years old, and only 28% are under 18. The gaming
industry grossed over $43 billion last year, and it’s expanding in all
directions. It’s only logical that one of those directions is adult.”

D-Dub’s two titles, BoneCraft and BoneTown, revolutionized adult gaming
by offering full featured video games–including missions, upgradeable
weapons, customizable teammates, and other dynamics you would expect
from non-adult titles–while integrating sexual gameplay and other
mature content. In the past, Steam has prohibited games that include
adult content, as do most other platforms. Now, BoneCraft will fill a
hole that gamers and fans have been clamoring for.

“So many gamers grew up with Star Wars, Star Trek, Warhammer, and
WarCraft, and wondered what it would be like to ‘go all the way’ with
the sexiest creatures in the galaxy,” says Stewart. “Now, in BoneCraft,
you can.”

BoneCraft is a hack-and-slash parody RPG game that follows Captain Fort
Worth and his crew of Space Wranglers. Captain Fort Worth is voiced by
legendary voice actor Neil Kaplan, who has voiced such iconic characters
as Tychus from StarCraft II and Optimus Prime in the Transformers series.

BoneCraft is available now on Steam, and will be on sale until June
10th. Visit store.steampowered.com/app/1001220/BoneCraft/ to learn more
about BoneCraft and view trailers and screenshots. BoneCraft is not
rated, but is for players 18+.

About D-Dub Software:

D-Dub Software knew that to compete as a small developer in the massive
video game industry, they had to find a niche market. Their games came
to market starting in 2008, and are still selling steadily to this day.


Sam Stewart
Marketing Director
[email protected]

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