China Mobile Joins Avanci Platform

World’s largest mobile network operator adds its patent portfolio
to Avanci marketplace, growing the one-stop solution to 21 patent owners

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Avanci announced today that leading mobile operator China Mobile has
joined its Internet of Things patent licensing platform. China Mobile
will license its entire global portfolio of 2G, 3G and 4G standard
essential patents to the IoT market through Avanci’s marketplace. The
Avanci licensing platform now includes 21 patent owners, providing an
efficient, one-stop solution to obtain a license to the wireless
technology needed for the growing market for connected products.

“The addition of China Mobile, with the largest network, largest
subscriber base, and leading market capitalization among global
operators, to the Avanci platform demonstrates global support for
streamlined patent licensing to expand the Internet of Things and take
wireless technology to the next level,” said Kasim Alfalahi, founder and
chief executive officer of Avanci. “Having China Mobile, a significant
contributor to communication standardized technology, join our platform
is yet another boost to the growing momentum behind our vision for a
simple solution to patent licensing that reduces risk, makes technology
sharing easier and results in more business success.”

“China Mobile has always been dedicated to building a balanced ecosystem
for the industry,” said Jia Liu, deputy general manager of technology
department of China Mobile. “China Mobile is delighted to see that
Avanci is able to offer this one-stop solution for licensing patents
with high efficiency, which benefits the IoT industry in terms of
facilitating adoption of wireless technology as well as reducing risks
and removing barriers.”

The Internet of Things is fueling innovation and new uses of wireless
technology as more connected products are introduced into the global
marketplace. Avanci is streamlining the process to obtain a license to
essential patents by offering a single license to patents owned by many
companies on fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms.
Companies can expect a transparent, flat-rate price for each device that
will vary based on the value the technology brings to the device, and
patent owners, like China Mobile, can share their patented technology
with IoT companies.

About Avanci

Avanci has a vision that sharing technology, on a broad scale for the
Internet of Things industry, can be simpler. Our connected world is
evolving quickly – and we want to help it all happen even faster. Our
one-stop solution keeps the success of the ecosystem squarely in sight,
bringing convenience and predictability to the technology licensing
process. In our new marketplace, those with essential patents can share
their innovations, and companies creating connected products for the
Internet of Things can access the patented wireless technology they need
to be successful – in one place, with one agreement and for one fair,
flat rate. Founded in 2016, Avanci is headquartered in Dallas. For more
information about Avanci, please visit


Roger Tu
GM and VP of Asian Markets, Marconi
[email protected]

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