CES 2021: Innovations in Health Monitoring Promotes Self-Care, Finds Strategy Analytics

Global Pandemic Ushers in New Ways To Deliver Remote Patient Monitoring.

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Strategy Analytics –The global COVID pandemic has ushered in new ways of monitoring the health of patients at home as a way to keep at-risk patients safe and alleviate the burden on hospitals and healthcare centers. This year’s virtual CES 2021 event especially showcased innovations in healthcare at home. From remote healthcare platforms and technologies, to dedicated wearable devices, telehealth is becoming a new ‘normal’.

Strategy Analytics’ User Experience Strategies (UXS) service has summarized its findings from CES 2021 in a new report, “CES 2021: Innovations in Product and Service UX”. Entering a consumer’s home in two main ways, healthcare monitoring is being achieved by formal remote healthcare monitoring platforms and consumer-led selfcare.

Commented Lisa Cooper, report author and Director, UX Innovation Practice, “Remote Patient Monitoring has been recommended in recent years as the solution for the aging population crisis, provider shortage, rising healthcare costs, healthcare accessibility, and lately to reduce risk and burdens on healthcare providers during the pandemic. Remote healthcare monitoring solutions and products were prevalent more than ever as this year’s CES.”

Continued Cooper, “But what is interesting is that the innovations that allow this shift in patient care are becoming more ubiquitous. These devices allow consumers to take control of their own healthcare and share that information directly with healthcare practitioners. Ecosystems of integrated devices can continuously take vitals and send data into electronic medical records software monitored by healthcare practitioners, while integrated healthcare wearables such as clinical grade smartwatches can take blood pressure readings, detect arrhythmias and provide other healthcare features which a consumer then has the option to send to a medical professional.”

Commented Kevin Nolan, VP, UX Innovation Practice, “But as we spend more time at home, the role of the smart home platform is also changing – from one where the user controls various devices within an ecosystem, to one that now incorporates services to become more of a lifestyle platform and is directly relevant to healthcare. CES showcased how smart home hubs, home fitness, and robotics are using advancements in AI, while smart home companies are assessing the partnerships they can make to better serve the consumer and further promote self-care.”

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