Braavo Announces Daily Reporting Tool for App Analytics, Free for All Mobile App Businesses

Braavo Analytics is a free tool that unifies app store, ad network and user analytics data into actionable insights for growing app businesses.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Braavo, the worldwide leader in providing non-dilutive funding for mobile apps and games, today announced that its reporting tool, Braavo Analytics, is now free for all app businesses.

For many founders and early-stage growth teams, tracking metrics can be a difficult and tiresome task. While larger companies can dedicate entire teams to analytics, younger companies don’t often have the resources to effectively track and organize their data. Existing analytics products tend to be costly, and still require time and resources to pull into comprehensive reports. Braavo Analytics provides founders quick, easy, and reliable daily reports of their high-level KPIs and can help delay or eliminate the need to invest in expensive analytics products.

“Consistent with our vision to empower founders with the resources to achieve their goals, we built Braavo Analytics to help our financing customers make better decisions. Today, we’ve decided to make Braavo Analytics free for the entire market,” said Mark Loranger, co-founder at Braavo. “We believe that by opening access to our best-in-class business intelligence software, we can broaden our impact and help fuel growth for the ecosystem as a whole.”

How It Works

Co-founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneurs Mark Loranger and Sergei Kovalenko, Braavo empowers founders to build successful startups without having to raise massive amounts of equity. Braavo uses predictive technology to provide automated funding products and app analytics.

Braavo Analytics quickly and easily pulls data from more than 40+ integrations, including key mobile marketing channels, ad networks, and app stores. Customers can view:

● Consolidated app store and ad network revenue

● Consolidated user acquisition metrics and costs

● Robust subscription analytics including real-time LTV calculations and MRR

Braavo Analytics makes it easier for founders to know their bottom line, grow with confidence, and make smarter investments. For more information and to sign-up, visit Braavo Analytics at

About Braavo

Braavo’s predictive technology makes financing for mobile app businesses faster and simpler. Braavo analyzes real-time data to provide funding based on performance. Customers can rapidly scale, without taking unnecessary dilution, and make better decisions about growth. Braavo integrates directly with app stores, ad networks, and analytics platforms. This gives Braavo a comprehensive view into reported revenue, acquisition metrics, LTV, subscribers, and more.



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