Bee Mobile Joins the Nodle / Polkadot IoT Alliance as a Strategic Network Developer

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Nodle announced that:


Bee Mobile is joining the Nodle Network as a Strategic Network Developer, connecting last mile electric vehicles to Nodle’s next generation network. Nodle is a blockchain based, citizen-powered decentralized wireless network that provides enterprise grade, low-cost, secure connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT). The Nodle Network uses Bluetooth and a citizen crowd of millions of smartphones to create a global wireless network.

Bee Mobile is a fast growing, last mile electric mobility company, deploying electric vehicles including the Bee Mobile scooter and bike platforms in markets across the USA. Bee Mobile will leverage the Nodle Network to locate and connect Bluetooth-enabled vehicles, reducing reliance on expensive and power-consuming 4G connectivity. As connectivity makes up a significant percentage of electric mobility operating costs, Nodle gives Bee Mobile a competitive edge.


Bee Mobile is piloting The Nodle Network by provisioning their electric vehicles’ already enabled Bluetooth Identities onto the Nodle Network. Anyone running the Nodle Cash app, or Network Contributors running the Nodle SDK will be able to securely and anonymously locate Bee Mobile scooters, bikes and vehicles. In exchange, Network Contributors are paid in Nodle Cash Cryptocurrency for locating Bee Mobile devices.

To further reduce costs of connectivity, Bee Mobile will be deploying the Nodle Cash SDK in their own mobile app. By running the Nodle SDK in their App, and with the permission of their users, the Bee Mobile community anonymously and securely connects nearby IoT Devices, along with their own vehicles. This enables Bee Mobile to act as a Network Contributor, earning Nodle Cash by deploying Network Coverage, and use those earnings to pay for vehicle connectivity as a Network Subscriber.

“Nodle will give us a new way to provide more accurate location information, offset our 4G connectivity expenses, and provide a fun way for our riders to earn Nodle cash. I couldn’t be more excited as this will make the experience better for everyone.” – Zef Vataj, CEO, Bee Mobile


Through Bee Mobile using a wireless network that it is also helping to deploy, connectivity costs can be reduced even further. In the rapidly growing world of last mile electric mobility, a way to reduce operating costs can have a significant impact on the overall economics of shared mobility networks.

Bee Mobile is excited to be announcing new locations all over the East Coast in early 2022 and expansion across the US throughout the year.

About Bee Mobile:

Bee Mobile is focused on creating a universal electric vehicle transportation system to help residents, commuters, and travelers get to and from their destinations in a fun, green, economical, and efficient way. Bee Mobile works with private businesses and cities alike to help create a stronger infrastructure of electric transportation for everyone and reduce car congestion and emissions in the process. Ultimately, Bee Mobile’s goal is to transfer all transportation to electric vehicles and make travel simple and reliable anywhere our riders go. Join the Bee Mobile Hive by downloading the Bee Mobile app on iOS and Google Play and by sending us a referral of where you’d like to see more Bee Mobile vehicles

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About Nodle:

Nodle is a decentralized IoT (Internet of Things) network on Polkadot providing secure, low-cost connectivity, and data liquidity to connect billions of IoT devices worldwide. The Nodle network is powered by millions of Bluetooth-enabled smartphones that earn Nodle Cash (NODL). Nodle’s powerful IoT stack allows multiple uses including connecting and securing physical assets, tracking lost or valuable items, capturing sensor data, and authenticating security certificates. Nodle provides insights for consumer electronics manufacturers, enterprises, smart cities, the finance industry and more. Since its creation in 2017, Nodle has become one of the world’s largest wireless networks by number of base stations. Join #TheCitizenNetwork by downloading the Nodle Cash app available for iOS or Android.

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