AxleHire Attended™ Provides More Than Just a Signature

  • AxleHire Attended™ Ensures that High Value and Sensitive Packages are Delivered to a Designated Adult
  • AxleHire’s Mission is to Create the Best Possible Delivery Experience by Putting Consumers in Control of the Delivery Process
  • AxleHire Attended is Available on the West Coast and in NYC

SAN LEANDRO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AdultSignature–AxleHire, the leader in technology and logistics innovation for the last mile economy, announces AxleHire Attended™, offering adult signature and identification scanning to ensure package delivery. With AxleHire Attended, consumers can have high value and sensitive packages delivered directly to them. From prescription medication to alcohol and expensive consumer electronics or housewares products, AxleHire Attended expands the range of products that consumers can have delivered to them.

“A signature for delivery is only part of the equation for retailers,” stated Daniel Sokolovsky, founder of AxleHire. “Not only do we offer adult signature and check IDs, utilizing our proprietary technology, we can scan the identification of the package recipient. AxleHire Attended is key to our mission to become the best and most convenient delivery company that puts consumers first. It gives customers the control of exactly who is receiving their packages.”

AxleHire Attended™ Brings the Store to the Consumer

Retailers and brands are looking to deliver a broader range of products directly to the consumer, and capitalize on the consumer’s desire for a smooth click to delivery process – thereby earning customer loyalty and repeat business. AxleHire Attended’s direct adult signature with ID scanning is key to the delivery of premium products and part of the company’s suite of premium services that enable retailers of any size to offer “Guaranteed Delivery”.

AxleHire has leveraged its proprietary data-driven technology to have one of the best on-time delivery rates in the industry. With AxleHire Attended retailers have the confidence that time-sensitive and high value products are delivered directly into the right customer’s hands.

Increase Customer Satisfaction with “Guaranteed Delivery”

Current statistics put the theft of unattended packages at 5-10% depending on the market, and this number is expected to grow as home delivery continues to increase. When AxleHire Attended is coupled with the 4-hour delivery windows offered by AxleHire Select, retailers and brands can achieve “Guaranteed Delivery” at the time that is most convenient for their customers. The team at AxleHire further supports the delivery process with reminder emails, delivery instructions, and notification that the package was delivered, allowing customers to reengage with the retailer after the initial process.

AxleHire provides same day and next day delivery services to leading retailers, brands, and companies looking to compete in today’s competitive last mile economy. They currently provide service to companies in the meal kit/prepared food, grocery, retail, household goods, alcohol, prescription medications, and other industries.

About AxleHire

AxleHire, founded in 2015, is a superior last mile delivery solution that combines innovative technology and superior logistics to deliver cost-effective, scalable shipping solutions to customers. The team at AxleHire provides reliable same-day and next-day delivery services to industry leaders such as HelloFresh and Blue Apron. AxleHire currently services customers on the West Coast, New York, and is expanding nationwide to other key metropolitan markets.

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