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Moonlight Movie Nights

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Moonlight Movie Nights Video: Moonlight Movie Nights
Moonlight Movie Nights Tue, 10 Jul 2018 13:30:37 +0000 Moonlight Movie Nights Moonlight Movie Nights WTVQ Lexington, KY health minute, i'm xx. c1 3 nights at the b-c-t-c campus in winchester. welcome to the show! moonlight movie nights are back! this c1 3 is o is you will is family of exactl will. for this is talk about this will go to a just the seventh the community right were excited this is a summer movies at our winchester campus be ctc and it's free admission next all of our sponsors and will is really is great top-of-the-line movies and we just want to let everybody know that it's free admission come out. join us for food trucks popcorn vendor booths and then stay for the movie okay so haven't been to one of these before the scrap you is the best is really nice course if the weather cooperate is the is is really great for families to come out and the stress of paying for going to the movies and anselmi is a great atmosphere for every one from the grandmothers of the waste to the little toddlers we have a lot of things offered fo them that night will is is is is know on the slick dinner and a movie for family of four. i i is so is group picture from of shears and for your blanket and just submit 100 and, looks like yeah so last year we had about 2000 people. it campus will is best and wasn't a little bit more about raciest and how we partner with clark county publi schools is you will have to the clark county family resource center you service is we have been collaborating with bruce for four years is a win-win situation where can have families out there the last friday of the month and making sure that they have school supplies having resources what' going on in clark county and clark county schools get a hold of is coming up where it not on campus been able to come to our schools and that information available on grandmothers raising her grandkids a week you you we just some of those resources that they don't now and even to our newest family succumb to clark county will make sure that they have those resources in just to give away free school supplies and backpacks a really clark county really sets up with three is going to the members to expense people just can't to a seven was the rear for the is is more more press to to control the clark county we are superintendent may sure that th kids we have schools, plus we don't even apply last but this gets additional so that additional supplies for as so that's a hardship that are superintendent make sure okay were and in clark county don't have let's but the come out to enjoy a movie get supplies addition to what they get it when they school so it great wi- win extra mile for sure okay guys was best resources some people to make sure camera movie nights above-noted what movie they wanted all more information is are facebook page, which is ctc movie night or they can send me an email and is not manly at cake ctc is [email protected] verga appreciate the effort multics o so much

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