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Rescue Mission on New Movie

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Rescue Mission on New Movie Video: Rescue Mission on New Movie
Rescue Mission on New Movie Fri, 20 Oct 2017 12:43:16 +0000 Rescue Mission on New Movie Rescue Mission on New Movie KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City >> brian: the same kind of different as me. it is the title of a new movie and theater say. it is about a family whose lives are forever changed by volunteering to help the homeless. here to weigh in on how this plays out in utah we have the rescue mission salt lake with us. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having us! >> brian: what you know about the movie? >> is about a married couple who are having some marital difficulties and they start volunteering at a rescue mission. in texas and then their lives are just totally changed by their interactions with the homeless community in particular with one person and it really radically change the family's life. radically changed denver's life. and change the entire rescue mission. >> brian: a very heartwarming story.>> it is! it is also a gutsy story on how people can just get involved and make a difference. >> brian: and i understand that the movie is very similar to your story. >> it is in fact. it is very similar. i was homeless on the streets of salt lake for about two years. i grew up in a family of drug addiction. i had my share of issues and i became homeless. >> brian: how did you get back on your feet? >> i heard an encouraging message of hope at the rescue mission one night when i was there eating dinner. i thought, i thought the message was just for me. and it took a minute to get to the point where i had the encouragements to build off the message and reach out and really connect with people i had the opportunity to come to the rescue mission women's center and my life has dramatically changed in investing their time and their love and looking past my situation to see the person that i am and not the circumstances that i come from. >> brian: i'm glad you're doing so well today. another people go out for the movie they get a chance to feel that similar message. >> absolutely, we are. her life was changed by her mentor and the mission. that goes on on a regular basis. so are volunteers of the rescue mission are encouraging people to volunter. and it is amazing how many of our volunteers come back and talk to the staff, talk to me about how their lives are being changed as they help other people. >> brian: how can people help out? if they want to make a difference what do they do? >> they can go to rescue salt lake duckworth and they can volunteer. they can see the movie. it is a true to life movie. and we are promoting homeless awareness and enable people to, when is of the theaters there will be volunteer information there in the theater. so people can have a great time and pick up some brochures on how they can become involved in helping. >> brian: you a great movie, a great opportunity to check this out. see how this works in real people's lives. if you cannot make it to the theaters, you can text a number and help out that way also. >> yes you can text rescue to 94253. you'll get information about the rescue missionand how you can volunteer at the rescue mission by texting rescue to 94253. >> brian: and he will be there i'm assuming? >> yes. >> brian: expect nothing less. we are glad to have you both on here with us today.>> thank

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