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Tech Talk 8-9-17

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Tech Talk 8-9-17 Video: Tech Talk 8-9-17
Tech Talk 8-9-17 Wed, 09 Aug 2017 21:13:58 +0000 Tech Talk 8-9-17 Tech Talk 8-9-17 WAWV say smartphones are your life.((dan))an important part of our lives as they do so much for's a look at ahandy feature for the i-phone.<<((dan rereynolds reporting:you may use your ngerprint to unlock your phone or authorize purchases with apple, apple is developing technology to "secretly" call for program a code that you can tap on your phone. say -- pinky -- thumb -- pinky. the phone realizes you're in trouble -- and automatically calls 9-1-1.the key? the phone won't display that an emergency call is being made. you can call for help discretely -- without anyone knowing.according to the patent -- the feature could give first responders your location -- and pull live audio and video from your phone.its unclear if you'll see this tech anytime soon. patents don't always see the light of day. but it is a good indication that apple may be thinking about your safety. good tech from apple, bad news for mac firm malware-bytes says a second version of the malware "fruitfly" has appeared. fruitfly-two spies on users through the computers camera...capturing display images and logging key strokes. its unknown who's behind this or how it got on computers.the cries were heard. microsoft will continue offering paint as a free download in the windows store.paint has been around since 19-85. in tech years that's 224-years.a different app, "paint 3-d," will be included on current and future versions of windows.>>((tom))a really good tech creation from apple. ((dan))one to keep you safe. lets hope that makes it the market. i've linked you to learn more.....and combat the fruitfly malware targeting mac users.go to my wabash valley dot on sections.then lifestyle.and technology matters. look for "good tech." i'll link this story from facebook and twitter too.

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