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CHURCH CONFERENCE Wed, 17 May 2017 13:38:44 +0000 CHURCH CONFERENCE CHURCH CONFERENCE KETK >>> will come back. the art mentoring will host the second annual be a man bring a boys youth and young adult empowerment summit this weekend. this years theme is let the children's voice be heard. here with all the details we have darren dennis and ameena. how are you all? thank you for joining us. this is excited. how have you prepared for this event? >> of this has been a long journey but it is here and we just want everybody to come out and enjoy.we are here to empower the youth and young adults. >>marcus: you want their voice to be heard? what are we wanting them to be able to speak up about and talk about? >> we want to be able to speak about the issues they can't speak at a school or church or even at home. we want to give them a neutral ground but at the same time we always want children and youth to come to where we are but this year god placed it on my heart, let's go to them and give them a platform. >>caroline: tell us about the church group you are involved with. >> i'm actually for new hope baptist church in texas and my mentoring program which is rose mentoring, we started this last year. i didn't know how it would do and who i was going to do it with. i didn't know where i was getting them from but god placed it on my heart to just reach out to those in my life and made an impact in my life such as these people here. >>marcus: tell us about what it was like last year and maybe what might be a tad different forthis year? >> after reviewing last year , i think last year it was presented to the public who he is and what the programs all about. this year i think it would be a great turnout because last year and all of the media. people got to realizing how neat it was for young men. i am excited about the future of young men and the impact we can make. >>caroline: and i see you are wearing a shirt that says transformational journeys. can you tell us about that?>> our organization is to empower adults women that havebeen a part of childhood sexual assault , abuse basically. we are of a group of four women who have founded is also survivors of sexual abuse. this is our first year joining byron. we are very excited to be a part of his plan that god has placed on him. every thing we do we want to be able to cash we want to get the glory. >>marcus: part ofthis ministry is inspired typically.can you show more about that? >> it was a vision given to me for years ago with my mentoring program . once again i didn't know how i was going to do it. the only way i can do that is collectively coming together as a community because it takes a business to raise a family. so what is different about the conference this year as we are implementing girls into it this year. next year it may bebring a man , be a man bring a man and a girl. i wanted to show them the importance of a woman's role in a man's life and show the importance of a man's role in a woman's life which ties into sexual abuse, domestic violence, all these things. we are going to have a grand time. >>caroline: remind us when the conference is. >> this saturday from 10 am to 3 pm at seven oaks baptist church. where your tennis shoes. he went do we need tickets for this? >> it is a free event plus we will serve lunch and everybody that is precipitating will get a certificate. of recognition to let them know they were perceptive to pence in a. we are just coming together. i want to thank the people that i called on and they accepted. i want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. >>caroline: thank you all for coming.

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